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Full Version: Squeek When Turning Engine Off?
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Hey. I have a 2000 focus 1.8 diesel. When turning off the engine theres a squuek (literally as i turn it off). Ive had the cam balt done yesterday and the belt today (needed doing anyway) but it still does it... Any ideas what else it could be?
To help us diagnose things, try this:

* Turn on the ignition to position 2 (so that elec windows work), but DO NOT start the engine.
* Wait a few seconds.
* Turn off the ignition.

Does it make the sound?
you had the belt done did you have the tensioner done? otherwise its new belts they can do that for a bit
It only does it when the engine has been running. I turn the key to turn the enging off, enging stops and a squeek. Not everytime but maybe 8/10... Seems to do it more when egine is warmer. And yess the tensioner was done same time as cam belt
sounds like its just the new belts should stop in a bit
Could the new cam belt cause it? It was making the noise before fitting the fan belt...
Is it the fan? it could be the fan bearings or something very silly?

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