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Full Version: Glow Plugs
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engine manegment light was on glow plug circuit A malfunction..

So changed glow plugs and 1 glow plug broke inside while onscrewing the glow plugs out but the tip of the glow plug is still in the head a little bit.

So the mechanic put in 3 remaing glow plugs in and connected
The fourth glow plug wire on to the 3rd glow plug so he can bypass the engine manegment light wich has worked and limp mode is off but the broken glow plug is still in there i was told to drive it so it will shoot out. .any sugestions. Can this damage my enginge is the glow plug whole in the cylinder head smaller then the glow plug. . Please help
thats not good it depends on the design of the plug some have a collar that stops it slipping into the head some dont.

the mechanic should be shot there can be 400 psi in there if the compression did shoot it out while the engines running and bonnet closed it would blow a hole right through it as it will shoot out like a bullet if the bonnets open stay way clear ive seen one go halfway into a thick piece of wood when it was blown out if that was youre head in the way nite nite vienna if the plug doesnt have a collar it can slip into the engine and knacker it the mechanic sounds shoddy thats not the kind of advice to give if its not retrievable with long nose pliers then its advised to have the head removed im afraid theres no point leaving it the 3rd plug will burn out quicker and youll still have the same issue
drive it untill it blows out, is he for real, where does he work, bodge it and scarpa
Head off, tap the plug tip out of the hole.
Leaving it as it is will be very dangerous.
Sorry for asking, because this isn't clear to me from the opening post - but who actually removed the old glow plugs (leaving half a plug in there)?

You or the mechanic?

If it was the mechanic, doesn't he have liability to put it right at his cost?
glow plugs on most cars are notorious for snapping which is why a decent mechanic would soak them first then loosen them slowly unfortunately you have the expense of having the head removed the glow plug extracted a new head gasket and coolant and all bolted back together
a professional mechanic 'with all the tools' will have a piece of kit that vibrates and uses low torque to remove stubborn plugs.

using a ratchet and socket however, there is always the risk they will snap.

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