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Full Version: Black Box Scam
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as you may or may not be aware at the end of the year women will not get discounted insurance so you females expect up to a 400 quid increase on what you pay now on a.standard car the more you mod the more you pay as a result insurance companies are offering a black box to be fitted to youre car to get cheaper insurance. the scam is these boxes monitor youre location route speed when and how often you brake even ho0w you corner so if you do have an accident they wont pay out why? simple the black box tells them you took the corner to fast you applied the brakes half a.second slower than expected you drive aggressively you accelerate too hard basically they have physical data to say you shouldnt have been doing 35 in a 30 that you corner a bit faster than you should, this data is stored daily so they can tell what kind of a driver you are not just aggrrssive or a bit quick even if youre over cautous and use youre brakes a bit too much if you get hit in the rear the data will show you brake too often and too early it was youre fault beware all those that are tempted and remember if you do go ahead it will cost you 100quid to have the box removed if you move to a cheaper company.

who would have it then youde be surprised 80% of americans have it fitted and with young people gettint ripped off its growing here forget big brother watching you hes sitting in the car with you
the higher premiums are already in here ..18 months ago my eldest daughter passed her test .driving my fiesta her insurance was £1275 fully comp ( £500 excess) last month my youngest daughter passed her test and for her 1.2 polo its a whopping £2685 fully comp (£400 excess) same company and thats with Limited 3k milage and 2 adults on the policy she also has passplus (cost £150 to do had £90 back from insurance but then charge £25 admin fees) as for the black box ..i looked into it ,the initial premiunm is the same as any other company .the discounts are added in the 2nd year cannot transfer the discounts to another comany and the premium will go up if the data shows the driving is below par.. a warning to anyone thats thinking of getting black box ..your limited to the hours you can use it (5.30 -23.00) and ...ITS THE VEHICLE THATS MONITORED not the driver so if you have a second person on the policy and they have an agresssive or lazy driving style ..the policy holder will be penalised,.. thanks to the man/ woman from brussells poking their nose in again .. but i bet there was no objections by the insurance companies
[quote name='ferretfloozy' timestamp='1344318470' post='199283'] same company and thats with Limited 3k milage and 2 adults on the policy.

I thought it didn't matter on mileage till you hit the 9k+ mark.

I don't do a hell of a lot of miles and put my from 9k to 6k and nothing changed so i left it at 9k. not sure if as low as 3k does make it less tho but still its usually only around £40 per 1k miles.

Best thing with insurance company's seem to be check them daily or twice a day as prices are live and do change. Just save the quote number and you can always get it for that lowest price you find.
I can't see why anyone would want a "black box" fitted , you just know it's going to cost you somewhere along the line.
I wonder how long it will be before they start say , "we will insure you only if you have a black box fitted".
the tempatation of cheaper insurance apparently its already booming in the uk how long till its mandatory and part of the governments road pricing policy
Wouldn't go near one with a barge pole.
we paid an extra £60 to take the milage upto 5k ..theres a standard min £400 excess for new drivers ..checked out all the comparison sites and theyre all underwritten by sabre so went with sabre worked out cheaper, the max milage isnt shown till you get to the finale stages of the quotes .they ask you for the current milage before telling you.. new driver @ 17yrs of age and that will be a 25% deposit too thankyou madam.. but they did throw in 12mths free rac cover
I had a sort of black box insurance for my first year of driving otherwise my insurance would have been £2000. The box saved me £700. The black box didnt track if yo took a corner too quickly or anything, it was just to see if I was out after 11PM and therefore charge me more.
Nearest thing to a black box I would have is this:
doesnt monitor me, doesnt do me over, doesnt complain that I drive more miles than I estimated, doesnt complain about my speed, and if I have a crash, my fault or otherwise, I can prove whos fault it was.

I wouldnt touch the black box with a barge pole. I do however, think it wont be long before they are mandated. I am personally confident that a PAYG VED license system is just around the corner... Given that the tax man will use anything to screw us over, if he can do me for driving a medium economical vehicle for more miles than my assumed standard cost of the Road Tax (£135) is concerned, then I am sure he will!

Its a nice idea for the young driver who wants to try and get some discount, but without a big fat off switch, I wouldnt have it! but the modern black box catches far too much data, maps your movements, and can be torn apart in the event of a claim...

I can just hear it now "Sorry sir, your insurance is null and void? why you ask? well, we watched your speed three days ago, and you exceeded the posted limit by 3mph and on the day of the accident, I saw you went round a corner at 28 mph in a 30 zone, although not illegal, we dont want our drivers exceeding 25 miles per hour round a corner like that, and therefore we believe that you are driving over confidentally, and as such, you MUST be responsible for the accident..."

This WILL be the death of the motorist!!! we will all spend too much time judging the road conditions and deciding if this is a limit -5mph situation, or a limit - 3mph situation, just so our insurance company dont try to rip us a new one!

I probably will buy the camera, and use it one front, one back, and in the event of any accidents, I will have all that I need!
Im with you on that Jeebowhite. Ive been looking at those cameras. Would like it to video some of the idiot drivers on the road then upload to Youtube.
i just recently renewed my insurance and it made me laugh, they made my insurance cheap (£900) by installing this black box but without £1200.

they rang me up and asked if i was interested and i said "mate, its insulting, i am classed a professional driver and you want this little box to watch me...ram it" plus when i told them i had tinted rear windows and changed the radio they wouldnt insure me!!! what a load of crok!
any excuse to shaft the driver these days and the pay per mile will happen sad thing is these companies are convincing people to take the things at 310 quid a year fully comp theres no way it would be me
Got one of those cameras today actually. Great thing!
Yeah I would actually just record eedjets with it and drop the footage to my local police station, I have done that once before with a positive result :D I really am looking at those camera's being a very good investment. Shame they dont have a front and rear in one unit...
[quote name='GSM' timestamp='1344383840' post='199531']
Got one of those cameras today actually. Great thing!

Hello mate. Sorry to be a pain...fancy doing a review thread for us on installation and quality etc with sample footage?
[quote name='johnS' timestamp='1344347044' post='199330']
I had a sort of black box insurance for my first year of driving otherwise my insurance would have been £2000. The box saved me £700. The black box didnt track if yo took a corner too quickly or anything, it was just to see if I was out after 11PM and therefore charge me more.

exactly the same as me mate i was with Ikube
for the sake of £20 quid from ebay the camera's are a great investment, as long as you have them switched on of course!

How many would actually put one in the rear window though? is that just me?
these new boxes arent so basic guys they track everything now

Lots of scam going on it. Because it is growing day by day. That is why i always say first read black box insurance reviews on the company then take it.

This seems to be a pretty old topic. But from scanning this you are correct with black boxes limiting what you can do.

Im a Senior Insurance Consultant and motor insurance is one i mainly deal with.

Best way to start your quotes its putting your voluntary excess at 0 and then increasing it if needed depending on the price. All comparison websites wil ask for a vol excess before you see what the compulsory excess is set by the insurer.

Youll sometimes see the price of the insurance drop by 50 pounds for example if you set the vol excess with an extra 250... so whats the point of applying it.

Named drivers are usually good and the better the occupation they have and how long theyve had a fulluk liecense will help.

If anyone needs help with insurance let me know


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Totally agree on this 100% scam. A friend of mine had one and it doesn't matter what you do you could have the car parked for an entire year your insurance will increase. The box also input estimated data about your driving for times no data is received such as no signal.

You can disable its signal by using a radio signal jammer this works and it will also stop your mobile phone from working too either way vthe renewal price will be increased

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The only thing with a jammer is that the insurer will know its nit receiving any information so that could also cause problems.

The best thing to do is go with an insurer that does not have a black box and if your a young driver whos just passed driving test....wait a year, I know it sucks but any insurer will charge a high premium if full uk license is under 1 year as its classed as inexperienced.

Also occupations such as retail, catering, taxi driver, supermarket emp, sales assistant or bar staff will increase premiums. ..obviously dont lie about your occupation just make sure you're named drivers are experienced and have no claims in the past 5 years.

Insurers do check this with a database.

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tbh, my daughter has had a box fitted for 2 years 18, no named drivers, no time restraints and limited mileage to 5k on a 2005 1.2 corsa


fair play to her, she chose to do it so she can afford the insurance herself rather than the bank of dad


should also add, she works various hours in a large supermarket chain,


1st year, she got a monthly report, with just a very occasional advisory..such as late braking..but her monthly installment rarely changed, and over the year actually worked out cheaper than original quote..(£1950, but only paid £1600)

come renewal time the original quote was set at £2200...bit strange as she had constant good reports with just a few adviseries..

told her to just ring around..

found another company with same deal she had previous year, except no limited mileage and years ncb...£1300

4 months in, and no problem whatsoever...



cant knock them myself, though dont like the big brother aspect of it

Hey wase.

Thats good that your daughter had a good experienced with the black box.

I have had customers speak to me about there sons insurance being higher then the neighbours sons insurance even though its same car, same license.

This is down to the named drivers information being completely different from the other, plus even if they live near or next to eachother insurance company's have risk areas if its high or low. You could have a low risk and 3 doors down could be in the divide of a higher area.... weird I know

Everything that you put down on a quote matters.

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trouble with insurance is, you only know how good it really is if and when you need to make a claim...hopefully she wont need to find out..

This is true.

Have a look at a thing called dafaqto its the insurance equivalent to AA Stars to a hotel

You can go onto the website to see which insurers have the best cover and service.

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rated 5 stars....still hope she never finds out though :)

I got one fitted to my car best thing i did dont drive a daft and i had a discount of 250 for 3months of driving only reason i had one was because my insurance to much so had to

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