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Full Version: Replacement Locking Wheel Nuts
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Andy H Dibley
Hi all,

When giving the car a good going over last weekend I noticed my locking wheel nuts are starting to corrode. Really annoying as all the wheels are mint bar that.

So question or poll I guess,

Would you:-

a) replace them for another set of locking nuts...
B) buy 4 standard nuts and do away with them...
c) investimagate the possible chances of replating them...

For the record, standard 16" Zetec Alloys.

Over to you lot!
Andy H Dibley
Ok, while the shades smilie looks cool, it was meant to be option b!
I'd replace, the resale price of alloys still makes the theft of them attractive to the scrotes.
the scrotes will have them whether they have lock nuts or not ones are a pain in the bottom when they get stuck ( you only find this out when its time for new tyres) ive taken mine off and replaced them with plain nuts ( my cars in a locked garage thats alarmed and built on the side of my house)..BUT i intend to put some different ones on for the benefit of the insurance left the factory with locknuts and they will do anything to avoid paying out ..even if the wheels are scuffed scrotes will still be after your tyres
i would leave them where they are ant broke dont fix :)

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