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Full Version: Painting Plastic Parts
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I have all the stuff in place to paint a pair of front bumper trims i recently bought, they are pre primed ans supposedly ready to spray.
I still want to reprimer them and then colour spray and lacquer them.
As I have never sprayed car parts before what is the best way to go?
I plan to lay on one coat of plastic primer, wet and dry sand using a small amount of water from a spray bottle, and then spray two coats of colour wet sanding in between layers and then apply one coat clear lacquer for shine and depth.
Is this the right way to do it or am i missing something or over complicating the process?
Any tips, hints or ideas will be greatly appreciated.
I tried this with a spare bumper moulding I had ready in primer, did everything basically how you just said and it seemed to be going well until it came to the paint stage..

I sprayed the paint really well in about 3 coats about 30min apart so it was touch dry, went really well.

Left it in the garage over night and it pissed down terenchally when it was previously sunny and warm in the day, so dunno whether it was the temerature change or damp getting in

But something caused the paint to bubble by the looks of it in the night, these must have burst so when I went to check on my work the next day the paint had set solid with big bubble holes all over half of it :( was wounded

Tried to sand it back down to the plastic with the coarsest paper I had to give it another go but all this did was barely touch the paint and instead strip the sand off the paper leaving the paper smooth :wacko:

So now the things just scrap

Sorry I can't be of more help lol but thought I'd share my lil tale of woe

I know loads of people have painted they're mouldings so someones bound to pop up and help soon :P

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