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Full Version: A Few Questions About My Focus Titanium 2008 1.6 Tdci
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Hi guys and girls, I've just purchased a focus titanium 1.6 tdci 2008 and have a few questions to ask and thought this would be the best place to start.

Firstly there is a terrible noise coming from the rear passenger door when I double lock it and was wondering what it is, I'm pretty good with my hands so was going to try and fix it myself (with your advice) rather than getting ripped off at a garage.

Is there a way to make the doors lock as I start driving? It's just that my girlfriends old car did and she feels a bit safer when she's driving it on her own.

Lastly and most importantly I've got the Sony cd player in it which is lovely but I'm not sure it's Bluetooth compatible? It's got the green/red phone buttons on it, a actual button saying phone and 9 number keys at the top, even the # & * keys(I guess so you can dial a number) but I can't work out how to set it up??

Ay answers would be much appreciated

Hi mate :)

Not to sure on the rear door issue but if you look in the guides section for the ELM cable and Civil's software, this allows you to edit the GEM unit in the car. The auto door locking is an option you can turn on, you can also set the speed that they lock at too.

As for the stereo, it should be Bluetooth compatible, try reading through the car manual as there is a section on the stereo functions. But for some reason all the focus stereos have the phone buttons and numbers, but not all actually have the Bluetooth module.

The noise from the door is a common central locking issue. My front passenger door did it on my 2008 Focus. I had it fixed by Ford under warranty, so not sure about a DIY job. Sorry I've not got any more info for you, sure someone else will know though!

Andy H Dibley
Easiest way to find out if you have Bluetooth is hit the phone button with something else running (eg. Radio) of the display says 'Mute' then I don't believe you have the Bluetooth module installed. If it says phone, then you have the option of pairing the stereo with the phone.

To do this, get your phone out and access the Bluetooth menu, search for new devices. Mine is listed as Ford Audio, click the pair option. This normally brings up a code on the screen of the radio, nearly always '0000', once entered the phone pairs itself with your car stereo.

It would be an idea to check that there isnt already a phone and or phone book stored in the unit. Unlike other head units with Bluetooth, the Ford unit stores the number rather than using the phones own memory for dial. I found the previous owner had left all the numbers stored on the car.

Regards the door, unless it was a private sale, I would be taking it back to the dealer asking them to look at it before getting my toolkit out.

Hope this helps, best of luck.
I have the door problrm too! Its the deadlock mechanism thats knackered, ford wanted 200 to replace so I am just kinda living with it at the moment! Seen the mechanism for about 25 quid on ebay but not sure how easy to replace? I stripped the door card off relatively easily but then came across a steel panel riveted on in front of where the mechanism is located so I didnt brave it and remove!

I have the same stereo, is it the single disc version? Think you have to buy bluetooth module, cables and mic but be careful as mine has the phone buttons as well but I have read a lot of posts on here and to be honest am not sure even if I bought the bluetooth module etc if it would work. A lot of the early 2008 models had 2007 sony units installed in them which ran a different version of software. If you do a forum search on here relating to your issues you will find plenty of posts!
Thanks so much for your fast replys guys!! I read online that I could be the dead lock mechanism, might have to have a look at the weekend and see how brave I am!! As for the stereo, it is the single cd version (no DAB either) is it possible just to buy a module then if I get the right one??

Seeing as you guys replied so quick there's one more question, I have a auto dimming rear view mirror which I've never had before?? It just seems dim all the time? I've got tinted rear windows so maybe it that? But there's no lights on it or anything to show that it's on or anything, should there be??

Thanks alot guys.
I'm in the process of retrofitting an auto dimming mirror, and I have tinted windows so will get back to you on how it looks.
As for checking if it works, if you have a torch or a bright light, get someone to stand at the back and shine it in on and off. The mirror should go dark/ greenish tint to it if it's working. If not then the wiring loom is accessible behind the interior roof light unit to see if it's plugged in
Hope that helps :)
It may well be possible! There was a guy on here who bought the BT module and cables etc and retro fitted himself, not not sure if its in the "how to guide" forum? I think the wiring looms and mic etc may be there, loom behind glovebox, mic in overhead map light usually but I did read something else relating to the version of the sony head unit (some compatible, some not) I didnt risk spending on the parts, saving up for a double din full gps, bluetooth touchscreen head unit instead.

If you go onto a website and type in your registration or VIN number it will bring up the full factory specication list your car left the factory with. Scrolling through mine, it atually says without "Telephone preparation pack" & "voice activated modules" so no bluetooth for moi!

Hope this helps, let me know if you decide to attack the locking mechanism please! Which door is it? Mine is rear driver door all other doors ok.
It did take then a couple of hours to fix my door so it might not be an easy job. Was the deadlock on mine too. Always seemed to function ok, just made that horrible noise you refer to!

Hope mine doesn't start doing this again, she's out of warranty now!
Hi guys,

Thanks again for all of your replys, just an update I haven't had the chance to look at the rear dead lock yet but I think I'll try taking the panel off and drilling out the rivets on the metal panel as I have a rivet gun to replace it, least I can have a look and see wheat I'm up against.

I've looked online and found the list of things I have to do to turn on the auto locking, it's just a matter of turning the key and locking and unlocking the doors a few times, hopefully it works.

As for the stereo I've looked on a couple of other posts and they mention "retro fitting" which involves a Bluetooth module and a wiring loom (if it not fitted already) so hopefully that sorts it!,

Also my dimming mirror works fine, I shined a torch on it and it goes a dark bottle green colour.

Thanks again guys

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