Hi All,

I have had a problem with my IMRC for about a year now and just left it and left it but i dont want this to damage my car anymore.

I purchased an [b][color="#ff0000"]st170[/color][/b] about year and a half ago, after about 6 months heard a clunking noise then the dreaded noise from the IMRC.

After looking through the internet at every site possible to get more info on it, i decided to take a look at whats happened.

I've noticed there is NO dsi clip on the inlet manifold which of course is meant to have some sort of clock [b][color="#ff0000"]spring[/color][/b] and this is also missing [img]http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:passionford.com/get/forum/images/smilies/bigcry.gif[/img]

I have searched everywhere for this [b][color="#ff0000"]spring[/color][/b] and can't find one anywhere, i have checked breakers near me but its very hard to find an [b][color="#ff0000"]ST170[/color][/b] in breaking. I have spoke to fords and they said need to buy a whole new Inlet Manifold and you can imagine the cost just for a [b][color="#ff0000"]spring[/color][/b]!!

I was hoping you guys can help and point me in the right direction if you know anywhere that does it?

Thanks in advance