Hi peeps. I recently bought a Modeo Graphite 2.0 TDCi. 2003 on a 53 plate.

I know I will have lots of questions, and any advice is welcome.

(Yes, I know the following is sad... But don't say so please... Lol...)

I'll start off with what I know so far.

Clutch has a very tight bite. Very tight. Do I get it adjusted? Or a new clutch?

Coolant tank was very , very low, but no obvious signs of overheating... One to watch?

Started fine most times, today got a horrible whine twice, then normal start.

Doesn't seem to be much power at all, at the same time, very noticable delay between pressing accelarator and car reaction. Ideas? Service?

Interior: less than average.

Exterior: have to say excellent.

Well, that's me for now.

(New owner, newly disabled, newly told he has left side heart failure (and could drop dead any minute (yeah for the good news!!) ), and not allowed to work at the moment.