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Full Version: 3Rd Brake Light
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I was behind a car the other day with their 3rd brake light covered in a vinyl sticker and just the light was shining through the word, ive looked online for this and can only find sites in dollars and didnt really want to order from there.

does anybody know anywhere that does this? or shall i go to a local sticker making shop?
Andy H Dibley
There was a guy on the Mondeo Enthusiats Group who made some up for mondeos, gave you a bunch of options for colour of the vinyl and design.

Best bet is to find a decal place and see if they do them, or would do a custom job. May find it expensive for a one off, but could try a group buy.

The one I bought (for about 99p) had the mk2 mondeo style writing of the name. Actually looked really good at night when it was clear.
seen on the zsoc you can get ones that say zetec s
plenty of places on ebay do them, you could even make your own as they are fairly simple designs.

The concern though is that some police may deem them to be an illegal item as they are restricting the amount of light visibility, as such you could be given a £30 fine for the privelage of a £2.00 sticker.

Its your choice if you want to get one, but for a minimal appearance upgrade that sometimes is barely noticable, do you really want to risk £30 fine, or even a £60 fine and three points if it is deemed to be driving a vehicle not suitable for the public highway?

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