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Full Version: My New Car Has Been Treated With Pureguard, Now Very Confused
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Hi, new to this site and blogging or whatever its called, i recently bought a Focus Zetec in Frozen White on an 11 plate, this has been treated with Pureguard. My question is what is the best way to clean it and can i polish/wax the car? It all seems very confusing reading what others have put.
Pureguard is a sealant - it's very similar to a number of products sold by car dealers such as supaguard and diamondbrite.

A sealant is a synthetic often polymer coating that sits on top of the paint and supposedly stops contamination bonding to and soiling the paint. Sealants are used by many detailers with great results as they have excellent protection properties and excellent longevity, especially when compared to a similarly priced wax.

HOWEVER - you are reliant on how well the sealant has been applied in the first place. In the hands of a pro a sealant will be applied evenly and comprehensively with no gaps. In the hands of the guy who gets paid 50p a car to wash the dealer's new stock...who knows?

If you have paid for the treatment, you may as well try to get the best out of it (I really hope you didn't pay the £300-400 some dealers charge for these treatments, the kits can be had on eBay for a fiver). So - I would say wash with a wax safe shampoo such as Dodo Juice Born to be Mild and then top up your protection with either a soft, hard or liquid wax (depending on the effort you wish to put in).

As for polishing, claying or anything else involving an abrasive process or chemicals (such as tar remover) I wouldn't, as you'll probably end up removing the coating.

If it was free - I would take it off. A wash with an all purpose cleaner such as Tesco Daisy at a reasonably strong concentration (say 5:1) will probably shift it. After that, you can maintain your car in any way you wish. If you like the concept of a sealant that really works and protects the paint amazingly, have a look at Cermishield by Concours Car Care. I have applied it to my brand new Leon - it's amazing stuff.
As above, if its had a good prep then the what you have will should last a good while, but if you have an itch to rip it all of and start again as stated you need a good all purpose cleaner to help strip it off, claying should remove the rest, then clean the bodywork with IPA, polish then either wax or sealant, I personally use Auto Finess Tough Coat, lasts 6-9 months and is stupidly easy to apply and buff off

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