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Full Version: 2006 Mondeo Tdci 130 Hot Start Problem
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Just wondered if anyone could help.

I recently bought a Mondeo 2006 TDCI 130 Titanium, it is absolutely mint and I love it despite having done 100,000. Since I have had it it has had a problem starting while the engine is hot. First thing in the morning no problem, straight after work no worries but if I stop off anywhere on the way home or have to pop in to a shop then it struggles to start again. Up until now it has just been a matter of keep trying until it starts which although a pain only usually takes 2-3 goes so not the end of the world.
Anyway the other day I had to stop of at 2 places in town and each time it was harder to start, I still made it home though. The next morning though it would not start at all. It sounded like a flat battery and the ignition turn over was very laboured I tried jumping it but no joy. I left it for a day and tried to start it again and this time the battery was definately dead and when I tried to jump it again I noticed that the glow plug light was on and the check engine light too.
The garage where i bought it have taken it back to check the problem (not main dealer) and I got a call to say that it was the fly wheel?? can this be correct? as looking on various other sites and forums it sounds like it could be the Fuel Filter or that my PCM needs updating and injectors realigning?
I have called a maindealer in the past to ask about updating the pcm and was told that it could blow my injectors.

Anyway Sorry to waffle on but I am not very good with engines and just want it fixed as I love driving this car when it works!

Thank you
first thing that springs to my mind is the crankshaft position sensor..
Ok sorry, what about it?
Does it need fixing? replacing? where can I get that done and how much?
ford did release a TSB (TSB no. 34/2006) about updateing the PCM with the latest software to cure a hot start problem and this may be the problem, a pcm updatr should not effect the injectors,it could also be the flywheel breaking down putting iron filings onto the crank sensor so remove the sensor and check if its clean.
Thank you, I will do.



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