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Full Version: Weird Springy Noise Once Started
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Hi guys dont really know how to explain lol but here goes
When i first start the car and drive off it will make a noise as if a spring has just sprung nothing changes but i dont know what it is ?

Another prob i have is if i rev a little the revs wont come straight back down it tends to drop then raise a little then drop again so when i pull off i get a lack of power can anyone help?
Andy H Dibley
That's a blooming interesting fault!

Any idea where the noise is coming from? Engine bay, interior, rear, underneath? Does it happen everytime or only the first time in say the morning or when you've left it for a while?

The revs 'could' be due to the ICV, but don't quote me. What car age and engine type?
The springy noise seems to be coming from roughly behind the pedels area maybe under the bonet that sort of area its a 59 zetec s 1.8 its happens everytime i start it once its done that "noise" its ok lol and whats an icv and how much lol
ICV = Idle Control Valve,,, not sure on price personally.
i might be way off here but does the sound come when you start driving along the road and reach say around 15mph? if it so, it is the abs system doing a check!! this is normal
Ye bang on mate 15mph ish thats a relief :) cheers guys
I have this exact same problem with my focus, did you find out if it's anything serious
Andy H Dibley
Checked it out on my car the other day (normally have the stereo up) bang on 15 there is the described noise. Sounds standard to me then!
It doesn't do it on mine every time though. It seems to be when it's been parked for a while.
Hi all,

I had this problem to. Found that switching the fan/aircon to 0 instead of leaving at 2 when you don't need it or when you shut the engine off did slove the problem. I think my needs a re-gas to but thats a different story :( . Hope this helps anybody

My car does this also. It only happens if the first thing I do after starting from cold is reverse. Then when I drive forwards and hit 15mph, I hear a noise like a small spring 'boing' in the footwell. I can also feel a quick vibration through the accelerator pedal. As mentioned above, this is related to the abs system check which is supposed to happen. Quite why some 'ping' and others don't, I'm not sure, but it's not indicative of a problem. For peace of mind, check your brake fluid levels and brake pads, and then be happy every time you hear it that your onboard digital mechanic has got your back B)
depending on who you speak to at ford theres a different answer as to why it happens even if it should at all its the first a.b.s car ive had that does this but it seems to be normal i think that the surface rust on the disks is the cause personaly

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