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Full Version: Power Steering Issues
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Right, I took my car to Ford for Service and MOT. they didnt do the MOT because my power steering pump has failed and has leaked all over the drive belts and alternator.

Questions is, is the drive belt one part so it goes round the AC pump, PS pump and alternator. or is there seperate drive belts

Its a Focus 1.6 Ti-VCT 2005
one belt mate that goes round the mentioned parts
Thank you. I've spent all day trying to find out.
This one ok?;jsessionid=004C5394D784BCC7E2FF65C79B4A3ED9?
Would it be this one?
that looks like the one mate but ide check the part numbers with ford as the ti vct uses different belts or so i was lead to believe
That's what I was worried about mate. Thanks I'll ring them monday
Dont forget if its electric power steering, when replaced, it will need recoding to the car, if not done by a ford garage...

Dont forget to replace the tensioner on the drive belt. Its such a pain to do, its false economy not to do this.
I was going to the mechanic ive used before to do the work because its cheaper if i fit the parts and pay him to fit rather then paying ford £500, but now you have said that i might just give it to Ford.. because im unsure what i need
best bet is call fords and ask if they can give you the finis number they usually do just tell them you ordered one and want to make sure its correct.

the tivct doesnt have electric power steering
just thought I'd update you guys.

The belt is two parts, one for A/C and the other for Alternator and PS, got them ordered and delivered..

Also I didnt need a new Pump as thats fine, its the supply hose that runs from the pump to the steering rack.
So i got one of them on order from Ford

Happy days
should have looked at my picture as you said it is a 2 part belt
just noticed lots of fluid around the belt of my 1.6 focus, strange noise coming from the car, gets worse when I steer, I'll take it the power steering pump has gone, would it be safe to drive the car to the garage some 15 Miles away. Looking at previous posts cost of replacing this part seems to be huge.
Whats it like on startup? is there a squeel from the belts?

when you turn the steering wheel is that when the noise starts? if so it may be the pump it self.

luckily in my case it was only the union that had failed, but because the pipe connecting to the rack from the pump is press fitted in the union you have to replace the whole shebang.. :(

Also the ppower steering pipe listed on Ford ECAT is the wrong one! be sure to check it before you buy it.

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