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Full Version: My New Fiesta Zs - Any Tips??
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Brought my new Fiesta Zetec S in Frozen White yesterday.

'11 Plate with only 9k miles on the clock, for £10.2k. I thought this was a pretty good value for a year old car that costs +£14k new. Got it from Evans Halshaw too so I've got peace of mind should anything go wrong. Wanted the Metal edition but couldn't stretch to the £2-3k extra! Still, I'm chuffed with it.

Really pleased with the car, it feels very grown up to drive (belies it's small size) with loads of refinement. I feel that it could do with a bit more power to be honest but it makes up for that with its fine ride and handling characteristics. Got the Bluetooth option and sound quality from the basic Ford stereo is only average (any bass seems to rattle the entire door!) but build quality seems very good (doors have a reassuring clunk when you close them (feels more like an expensive German car!).

Has anyone got even close to the combined 48mpg?

I'd appreciate some tips / product recommendations on how to remove swirl marks on paintwork - everything else on the car is mint, but it looks like the previous owner didn't know how to wash a properly!

Hi mate welcome to the forum. nice car you have there i have the same car and so far loving every bit of it. If your looking for more power there is a mountune 140 upgrade available but that depends on how much money your willing to spend as the upgrade is a bit pricey, i bought a pipercross induction kit for mine car feels a bit sharper and sounds amazing now, maybe a few things you might wanna check out also check out dmb graphics for gel overlays they give the car a good look for cheap :-)
Respray it! Every tom dick and harry has a white zetec s!
Ok I've been driving this car for a few days now and wow what a machine. The way it handles is incredible. The chassis and suspension just perfect it just makes you want to throw it around corners then turn around and do it all over again! And the engine is so smooth, not fast like an ST but has just enough mid-range torque to make you feel like your driving something quite nippy but relatively economical too. Loads of refinement in all aspects and the car feels bigger and more grown up than you would think.

Well chuffed :)
Whatever you do dont lower it, i had one exactly the same and put some eibach springs on and it ruined the handling.
Always worth changing wheel colour though to make it a bit different.
I have read up on Mountune upgrades but I heard they only really make a difference if you rev above 4000rpm, which I don't do very often because I try to drive economically (boring I know but when you have to drive 400+ miles a week the petrol gets expensive!). Is this the same with the Metal? I don't really want to thrash the engine all the time because it's so smooth, but a little bit more torque in the low-mid range wouldn't go amiss.

Does anyone know how to go about making the wheels look black like the Metal? I don't mind paying extra to have it done professionally.

As for graphics and loud exhausts etc no thanks, I'm not into all that.

But what a great car though, I look forward to driving it all the time, I never used to get that with my old Fiesta. The ride is awesome, it's the perfect driver's car obviously designed by engineers who love driving.
Just go to your local bodyshop, 50 quid a wheel at most to paint em black! Or if u live near york i can get em done dirt cheap for you.

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