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Full Version: Auto Lights, Auto Wipers & Rear Dimming Mirror
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Hi Everyone,

Having owned many Fords over the past 15 years ranging from the Ford Orion and now to a Ford Focus, I never joined this club before, however browsed many times at various posts. So I am new here and I apologise in advance if I am posting this in the wrong place.

I have a Ford Focus Zetec on a 2008 model (Facelift version). I do not have auto lights, auto mirror or the rear view mirror. I had these on my previous Focus which was also a 2008 version but Titanium. I really miss having these and its not until you font have them, that you realise that you miss them!!! (even though i hardly use them, boys toys i put it down to)

I have recently changed my windscreen so that it can accomodate the rain sensor and the rear view dimming mirror, I have purchased the sensor that fits in the windscreen and also have fitted the rear dim mirror in place, I also have changed the interior light that has the ambient lights and also the Auto Light switch. I got these parts from a Ford FocusSt on a 2009 reg which had auto light, auto wipers and rear dim mirror, however I have not a clue about the wiring or how to connect it all or anything else (feel a little hopeless)

I have contacted Puma Build in the Midlands and they quoted me over £1000 to fit, not sure what they were going to do.

Looking at other forums such as Audi, Vw ect it appears that I have the main components and all i need it the wiring and someone to put it all together (unless someone has very good instructions)

Just to recap here is what I already have

* Windscreen that will accomodate the sensor and auto dim mirror
* Auto Dim Mirror
* Sensor for the windscreen
* Interior light for the St with ambient lights
* Auto Lights switch

I would really appreciate any help if possible

Many many thanks in advance and I will post some pictures of my Ford Focus which has undergone some work, lol

Andy H Dibley
Hi Mo!

Welcome! I found I was browsing this place for a long time and then I had to start asking questions and signed up!

I have a 2008 Focus Mk2.5 (means its had the facelift) its just a Zetec as well but would really like some of those Titanium features.

I think for the best answers to your questions, this thread oughta be moved to the Focus sub-forum. There are a bunch of guys in there who have done some great OEM mods like the ones you're doing.

Best of luck with them and if you haven't already, take loads of photos. If you get a chance post them up, even better would be to post them up and write a guide about what you did, how you did it and any pitfalls or helpful tips you found. These guides really make the forum and community great on here.

I have auto-lights, rain sensors and rear-dim on my Ghia.

I'm going to be doing some work around that area soon to fit some wiring for a dash cam, so I'll have a check at all the wiring, take a few pics, and see if I can work out where it all goes for you. Most Foci already have the wiring looms for these features, so there's no need to purchase the wiring and route it around the car - you just need to locate it, put it in the correct position and install the hardware.

But I'm fairly sure you'll also need to activate these features on your BCM ECU. Luckily you can do that relatively easy with the FF2 program and a modified ELM cable which you can do if you follow this guide:


As Andy says, there's a few people on here who have already made this modification, so they're probably a lot more help than I am. Richiemac springs to mind - he did it on his 08 Focus S-max - for him, the wiring looms were already there and he had to activate them on the ECU.
Have you checked to see if the loom is already there in the head liner ? It's worth a shot and could save you a lot of was in my S Max. So it was all plug and play.....i had to have the autowipers activated that was all, everything else just worked as soon as i plugged them in.....even the autolights.
Another option is to find the pin outs for each item at the GEM and make your own loom.......
Personally i would replace the loom to the roof to a higher version which has all the features.
This might sound drastic i know, but the loom will be about 70-80 quid and its easy enough to pull through the head liner and down the pillar to the GEM....
Just unplug the old and plug in the new and leave the old loom where it is.........
Then using ELM Config, which is free, activate and enjoy.......... :)

I'm going to do this to my 2008 MK2.5 Focus in the next 2 weeks or so, i'll let you know how it goes.
I already have all the parts and have the features hopefully should be ok.
Found this cable taped to roof liner today
would that be plug for autowipers? It's stuck preety good and I didn't want to pull too hard...
If it's covered in foam and stuck down that well i doubt it is supposed to be moved.
It's most likely something totally different like a central locking antenna or suchlike.
Welcome to the forums :)

The sensor wiring is covered in foam tape and sits between the interior light and the windscreen, you only need to take out the interior light and you should be able to feel it, if so undo the two screws holding the plasti sqaure in and pull that out. Then remove the foam tape and push the wires out to the windscreen. There should be two connectors, a white and a black. They fit one to the mirror and one to the sensor, and only fit in the correct one. You will then need to buy an elm cable and modify as shown in the guide section ( think its Willy that is selling them already modified) and install the ff2 software on a laptop. Then it's just a case of activating in the GEM module with the software.

I have sucsessfully completed this mod so if you need help just ask :)
I think Stoney might be right. didn't feel plug under the foam. Guess no aut9wipers for me. ..
I decided to do the same thing, however my car does not have the connectors there. I bought a mirror with sensors and harness from a mondeo, and a switch from a focus which i plan to install.

The mirror holder is not a match for my current one, but i guess i can find a way to put it up there.

I was wondering if anyone knows where these ends of the harness go?

They seem to be heading next to the steering wheel, but i am not so sure if i need to install the new harness, or i can simply connect the sensor directly to the headlight switch.

Also, can anyone let me know which cables are responsible for the auto lights in the headlight switch?

I am unsure if the car will have the auto features for me to enable, since i was told from an engineer that it did not support cruise control.

Any help would be much appreciated.
I am not sure on the wiring loom so best leave that for someone else :P

But for the mirror mount, if you remove the two screws and the metal bit that they hold in. Then file a notch in the two side prongs this will allow the mirror to slide onto the current mount. I will get some pics if you need :)
Its worth checking youre loom as many zetec models did not come with the full loom and had specific looms for the car so if no auto headlights were wanted you didnt get the loom for it ford did this with the mk1 and 1.5 as well some cars randomly had looms others didnt
Yes, i am afraid that this is exactly my case. I had a look this afternoon, and i could not find the hidden cables. As i mentioned before mine did not come with support for cruise control, or cables for the foot-well lights. I assume that they made some changes to the last models that they shipped.

I will probably retrofit it as i did with the foot-well lights, but it would be great to know what those connectors do in case i can use them.

Thanx for the tip haz, It sounds like an easy modification, so i'll give it a try.

Digging up another oldie for the purpose of possibly creating a guide and bringing all post into one, once i actually finish the mod.


So here is what i posted in the other thread.


Basically, Harrison or george if you could share some light on what parts i need to buy please, links or part numbers anything would be helpful. From what i see i already have the loom installed judging by the pictures George posted, however very unsure about what else is needed



I took a look at the car and i believe i have the needed wiring.


On the left is what i suspect to be the loom for the sensors on the windscreen, on the right is the loom for bluetooth mic


Now only need a clear list of what parts to purchase i would be really greatful if anyone can show me a picture or a link of what the sensor unit actually look like or part number.
Is the unit for the automatic light and rain sensor one whole unit or two separate?
How is it attached to the windscreen?

Right, so for this build you need to have:


The auto dip mirror

The sensor

The loom

The headlight switch with "auto" mode.

The wiper stalk with "auto" mode.


Usually, the mirror and the sensor are sold on eBay together. I got my parts from a Mondeo i think.


I do not have the parts numbers handy, but if i find some time, i'll get them for you.


Right, so for this build you need to have:


The auto dip mirror

The sensor

The loom

The headlight switch with "auto" mode.

The wiper stalk with "auto" mode.


Usually, the mirror and the sensor are sold on eBay together. I got my parts from a Mondeo i think.


I do not have the parts numbers handy, but if i find some time, i'll get them for you.


Thank you very much :D i have been doing a lot of research all day and i have concluded all that is needed and this list is good. I don't know about the stalk for as i know the normal stalk for interval will adjust the sensitivity of the auto wipers.


The loom i won't need, nor do i think anyone else will either(Should already be there), the rest yes.


The above picture from my previous post is NOT the auto wipers/light loom that is incorrect.


This is the correct loom/connector for the auto wipers/light


I am very confident that we all have the loom it took me a long time to find it because mine was wedged in a blob of glue behind some other loom under tape, it was very well hidden and hard to get out, took me some time with a flashlight cutting and pulling away the cable from the glue.
These two cables are directly in front of the lights under the bit of headliner between the windscreen and lights. Laid down flat in a blob of glue, it's worth having something sharp to peal away the tape and glue when checking for the loom.
The cables with the white connector is for the automatic dimming mirror and the cable with black connector is for the rain and light sensor.  The cable with black connector shown in my previous photo is for alarm sensor that goes into the light on some ST/RS model
Now i am a 100% sure i have the needed looms and the parts required, will get the parts soon and update after the install

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