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Full Version: Engine Malfunction Light
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I was driving home from Manchester the other day and my engine malfunction light came on and the car would go into limp mode. I called out the AA and when they ran a diagnostics they said nothing is wrong. I'm a little confused and worried. Can anyone help
could have been something small like a blip on a sensor, or perhaps too much air.

Can you describe anything else of what went wrong? i.e. kangaroo hops, trouble starting earlier that day, smoke, anything at all?

p.s. welcome along!
Nothing at all the warning came out of the blue. The car has been driving perfectly since but it's a concern that's all. The AA guy did say it could be just a blip.
Could have just been something like a sensor throwing up a random error or a temporary drop in fuel pressure.
If it doesn't reoccur then don't worry about it.
Thanks it's been nearly 2 weeks now and nothing has came up so fingers crossed your right
Hi, same happened to me last night while driving the "engine malfunction" warning flashed up along with a warning sign on the dash for a couple of minutes and then stopped. The car did feel a bit strange for a while but continued to drive so continued driving. It did not appear again but is it safe to drive as I have to drive 70 miles a day for work and really worried?
Your best to get a diagnostics check done, just to see if any fault codes are stored.

My other halfs focus would do this randomly and it turned out it was a slight boost leak, nothing too damaging but you don't know unless you get it checked.
Andy H Dibley
Sadly these things happen, could just be a one off like the OP. Only you will really be able to tell if it throws another fault light whether you feel confident driving it. If it does, it's at that point it would be best to book it in for a diagnostics check.

Just try and remember everything that was happening, ie. how fast you were travelling, what gear, what revs the engine was doing, whether the engine was under load or coasting a bit. Stuff like that can help narrow down what might cause it to blip the light.

Again it could very well just be a one off incident. Best of luck and report back if you do find any problems.

prob cause ur a city fan, haha only jokin

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