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Full Version: Mondeo Mk4 Central Door Lock (Its Beat Me)
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Please help me.... My Mk4 mondeo 57 plate has finally let me down (not in a big way). I locked it up the other day and noticed the rear passengers door did not lock. You a can hear the motor trying to pull the lock on though. I have taken the door panel off and all is ok. The cable moves just fine. The door will lock manually.......It just seems the motor has lost power. Any ideas on this? Is this a common fault....

Your help is most wanted
Its usually damp in the central locking solenoid.
Plenty of WD40 into the unit.
Thanks for that.... I will take it off and give it a good soaking, any other things it maybe?
Check for damaged wires in the door umbilical and corroded contacts.
I have done all the above and it is still not working, i have also tried a reset, I have tried it with doors open, nope she is not having it. Looks like I am going to have to splash the cash on a new unit. Many thanks for your help with this issue....... any info would be still welcome. I am away for two weeks so wont get round to purchasing it till then....
I have the same problem with my 2008 Mondeo.
The left rear door will not close neither open together with the other ones. The lock moves easily when I operate it manually. The modul should have electricity because it stirs sligthly at the end positions, but it does not move when I place the handle into the middle position.

I suspect faulty position detection which inhibits the motor movement.

Raptor, have you solved the problem? Do you have a guide how to remove the module?
Finally I replaced the door lock module with a new one. No it is working well.
However I could not resist to investigate the faulty module. It was easy to diassembly it. And I found the root cause. It is the small electric motor inside the motor. Its current consumption was really high. I took apart and found short circuit among commutators caused by powder of carbon brushes. After cleaning it works like a charm.

I Can't imagine how you took apart those 2 little motors inside the locking module,

They are soldered on the printed board first of all.

Secondly, it very looks like they are not meant to be fiddling around with.

Just buy a new EXPENSIVE module (--- tipical Ford solution).


I am really curious how did you managed to take those electric motors appart.


Just as a heads up to you all who have this motor! I had a similar issue, I removed the fuse and reinserted in the wrong place! so the other doors would lock but not the rear offside. It had me scratching my head, and I eventually found it out!


I would have been scratching my head for a long enough time as I never realised that each door is fused!


So if you do have this issue, check the door fuse before worrying about anything else!


I seem to have exactly the same problem.  The door manual lock lever just moves a little, but fails to 'throw' the lock over either to lock or open.  An earlier suggestion was to soak the central locking unit with WD40.  Is the central locking unit in this case attached directly to the door latch mechanism? or is it elsewhere?  If the problem is down to these small motors, then is it possible to blow air through them to get the dust cleared?  I really don't want to have to fit new units as I note that the front passenger door is starting to show the same problem.

Any guidance on this would be gratefully received.




This is the rare case when WD40 will not help. I sent this descripton two years ago, maybe helps:


I cannot recall exactly how I removed the door lock module, however it was not too tricky.

You should know that the module is built together a plastic mount which holds the external door handle.

See the picture here:


So, you need to dismount the external handler. There is a hole on the edge of the door, above the 3 screws of door lock mechanism. A plastic cap covers it. If you remove the cap you can release the smaller, fix part of the handle by screwing off the screw in the hole.

After the removal the fix part, you can unlock and probably completely remove the moving part of the handle. Then the door lock module should come out.


I hope this is correct the way of removal and my answer will help you. Good luck!


If you remove the module the disassembly is easy. After removal some screws the case can be opened. You will the small motor. It seems soldered however it isn't. It has sliding contacts. It can be lifted and removed. (at least mine was like this).

The tricky part is the motor disassembly. The metal case has two small locks which holds the plastic back of the motor. You have to blend those locks to release the plastic part. The gaps between the commutators shall be cleaned.


That's all.


Thanks for the info, Sakos.  And for the froody link as well.  I assume that the Neato motors are at least similar to the Mondeo ones and the same approach should be taken.  Due to external pressures I shall have to put the fix on hold for a few weeks, but I'll get back to it then and expect great success - or a visit to a local scrap yard!!

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