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Full Version: Cam Belt/chain
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Can anyone tell me if my cars belt or chain? Iv searched and had mixed answers.

Its a 55 plate 2.0tdci, just over 90K on the clock so think its time to have it done.

What price can I expect to pay? (I wont take it to my local Ford dealer as there service is more than useless!!)

both if im right the cam is attatched via a belt and the exhaust cams by a chain and its a pugeot engine cost im not sure on a petrol for the full kit prices are 250-300 and i advise ford do it as its gauranteed for the life stated ie 100k on the belt as has happened on here before people didnt listen the tensioner or belt snapped and the garage wasnt so helpfull i actually found ford to be the same price as many indys
Ok thanks, I went to ford today for a quote, £280 fitted.

Would you recomend having it done sooner rarther than later just under 95k on the clock...
i wouldnt have even waited this long mate forget fords 100k advice most experts say 70k just make sure you get the cambelt kit with new tensioner not just the belt
Mine is being done today - 63000 - better safe than sorry

got to agree 280 quid is a small amount giving a wrecked engine can cost 5 times as much
Yeah, im taking your advice and going to have it done. Im short on cash, but if it was to go id be even shorter. Can I trust them to check/replace the tensioner or is it something I need to mention?
you have asked and been qouted for a timing belt kit havent you not just a belt its not the belts that snap its the tensioners that go throwing or snapping the belt thats why you get a kit mate double check thats the case and ignore it if they say we checked it mate its fine it wont be
Yeah the quote was for a fitted timing belt kit and auxiliary belt. I will mention it to them when I go in.
My workmate had his cam belt changed on his Scenic by the local garage. Within a year it had snapped. The garage fitted a replacement engine at no cost to him.

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