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Full Version: Just Spotted This Focus !
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Gary Minty Jupe
Just spotted this Focus :D , I think there must be a shortage of chrome trim in my area now
Andy H Dibley
This should be a prime example of how NOT to mod your car. Also, how subtle mods are far far better!!
What the hell have they done to it :wacko:
thats just to much ruins the car
That's embarrasing... it hasn't even been stuck on level in most places! :blink:
Looks like they had a fair few cans of special brew before doing it
What the f###.
Someone went mental with the halfords chrome trim for sure.
And what the hell were they thinking fitting wilt looks like Land Rover lights on the bumper and by the plate?
Either they're very old or very stoned.
Oh Dear , some one seems to be taking some crazy pills lmao , what a mess.
OMG! He must have been very bored that day (or intoxicated). And whats with the trailer lights?
Oh My Dear God,,,,, worst thing is, that whoever owns this, thinks he look good lol, this has just made my day hahahaha.
thats an embarassment to all ford owners ive never seen anything so awful in all my life
Stoney you should go an arrest him that is surly an act of vandalism or criminal damage whatever you want to call it but he should be brought to justice lol
Next time you see that Focus put an invite to join the forum on his screen , lmao he can do a step by step guide on how to ruin the look of your car in one trip to Halfords lmao
kevin lancelott
OMG that looks so cool.Hahaha what a mess. :lol:
i bet he was advised by a halfords sales advisor looking at those rims ide say so
heres a few more examples

does it have spot lights on angled iron brackets on the bonnet? Alf, what have you done apart from knock ££££s off the resale value.
Jay Ali
All I can say is hahahahaha Wat a waste man
That has to be a joke !?
I think it looks amazing. You guys are just jealous.
That is beyond disturbing, I just cant really add anymore! I mean, the trailer / landrover lights? WTF? the trim looks good in places (alongside the door sill and the one that goes across underneath the rear glass, they dont look too bad... if you squint a little) but for the rest of it, its unbalanaced, wavey, and more stop start which just makes it look sick (and no, I dont mean good sick, I mean vomit sick).

Actually the look of the chrome on the wheels almost could look cool, if it wasnt for the lump of rust in the middle, and the fact that they are all unbalanced and leave gaps all over...

Dear god, please somebody (any forum member) dont admit that this is your car, if you do, please do head the advice that you have used far too much! and we will happily help to advise you on righting your wrongs and saving your car from further police attraction...

Honestly, I like his idea, but that is just far too much!
how did you find my car?!? lol

If i spot that car up here in tyne and wear end and im driving a bus......its going to make it a new target to right it off! makes me sea sick just looking at the wavey chrome.

it kinda reminds me of a grandad, he had a peugeot 206 and replaced all the black trim with chrome...but he got the parts from the dealer so it looked decent.

I bet that owner got some chrome but ended up with more than he wanted and instead of just leaving some spare he wanted to use them all even the off-cuts....what the hell has he put under the FOCUS and trim badges!

those lights are stupid! i bet his original stopped working and he didnt know how to replace the bulbs.

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