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Full Version: Bonnet Lock... Can't Get In! Help :(
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Hey everyone!

Just gone to fill up the screen wash and we can't open the bonnet, the key just turns and nothing happens! Is this going to cost a small fortune to fix?

Someone has done a guide on how to get into it , forum search and you shou,d find the guide it may be in the focus guide section.
thank you Pree, cant find it but shall carry on hunting for it :)
Here you go
Thank you! Great help, hope we can do it

i currently have the same problem my machanic opened it from the hinges but with great difficulty so after that i started googling for a solution of wich i found alot of people are experiancing the same problem personally i believe Ford should have recalled this technology and bring back the all reliable cable opener i want to patition on this cause paying R2000 for something that is clearly factory fault is not on


A petition is not a bad idea Brian, however, I do not believe that Ford will listen.


anything is worth a try though!


get onto bbc watchdog to see if they can do something about it!


would it not be easier to break the top grill and access the cables and open the bonnet?

i know an RS owner had this issue and various members (large convoy going to Ford Fair) opened his bonnet by removing the lower bonnet and used a large screwdriver.


i was able to open the bonnet by removing the hinges and unsrewing the lock with an extended ranch

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