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Full Version: Replacemennt Wishbones
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colbags 2009
Hi all,

Ive just found out that my P Reg Escort needs a replacement Wishbone. The rubber seal has gone up & inside.
Apparently there is wear on the other 1 but it looked fine to me & Each Wishbone costs 80 so I'm hoping to leave the other 1 for the time being. Then again is it going to cost me more in the long run if I try to save money now.


1. Is it best to change both Wishbone together or does it do no harm to just change 1?

2. The rubber seal has gone up & inside the damaged 1 so is that definitely finished? or can they be repaired?

3. Is it a difficult job to replace them if I fancy a go myself?

4. Would I need any fancy tools to be able to fix it myself?

Any helpful advice is greatly appreciated and thank you.
80 for a wishbone????

Someone is trying to rip you off.

On eBay they are a lot cheaper. Here is the link [url=""][/url]

I changed mine on Monday and they can be a sod to do, but they aint too bad. All you need is a torque bit, socket set, 18mm spanner, hammer, lever bar and thats about it.
colbags 2009
Thanks for the heads up. I'll deffinately look into the ebay deal. The price did sound rather steep to me. Perhaps there quoting labour cost on each 1 lol.
They musy be.

As i have said i have replaced many of these over the years and find that they you can always pick up a pair for under 50 and i always change them in pairs. has some good advice if you need any more help and advice too.

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