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Full Version: Focus Mark 1 Coolant Loss
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My partner's Focus mark 1 (2003) coolant level is dropping in the expansion tank despite numerous toppings up. A pressure test has found no problems and the expansion tank cap and a dodgy hose clip have been replaced. The drop in coolant level seems to happen when the car is parked for a few days. When driving, the coolant level seems to stay constant. There are no visible signs of leakage. Short of replacing all the hoses, has anyone any suggestions please? Also, is it important to use the correct Ford coolant? I'm just wondering if other coolants will damage the hoses/seals?

strange the loss is usualy the other way round and happens after a drive well if it passed a pressure test then id look at the thermostat housing they get brittle and leak any tell tale signs would be where it drips onto the gearbox bell housing the water pump may be on its way out and coolant will drip out the seep hole any decent garage should have checked these. how much does the coolant go down by
as you have already changed the cap, I would say it sounds like there is a break in a hose, once the engine gets hot, it expands and opens the hole. Check all the hoses for any watermarks that might give away its hiding place.

You never find any puddles near where you have parked after you have got your car nice and hot?
Thanks lads. Problem has now been diagnosed as the water pump which is now being replaced.

Thanks for all you help

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