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Full Version: Gearbox Noise
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Mever noticed before but when stationary an I push the clutch in I hear the noise of the clutch plate in the gear box never noticed this before. Is this ok it's been stood for 2 months while Iv been protecting the Olympics lol. Is it easy to check gearbox fluid level
Also theirs about 1cm of travel before the clutch gets hard is this normal. So I cn sort of rest my foot the pedal moves in slightly then I push and it goes hard and engages is this ok
The slight travel in the pedal before the clutch engages is totally normal. The noise you are hearing is a little more confusing. What type if noise is it ? If it made a noise when you released the clutch pedal I would have said the release bearing or to be technical the 'concentric slave cylinder'. But I'm unsure what it might be the way you describe it. Would say clutch worst case, but these can be expensive as the flywheel need replacing at the same time on most models. I may be jumping the gun a little, hopefully someone else may have more info on your problem.
It's wierd you can just hear a noise coming from that area like the plates moving. But the funny thing is their is no noise when the engine is off which suggest its not the gearbox as it would still do it with no engine power wouldn't It as its a mechanical link.
theres a lot of gearbox noise that is normal on fords when clutches start to wear a bit so i would nip to youre local ford and get them to listen they wont charge you for it

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