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I have attached a picture of the same engine in my car mk2 focus, and am just wondering if this is the root cause of problems am having with my car.

In picture you can see 2 pipes that i have highlighted in red and yellow.

The one in yellow is on my car it goes from throttle housing to valve on fuel rail.

The one in red is missing on my car, and blanked off with a piece of rubber. Where does it go. ?

I think it goes to the unit on firewall behine power steering fluid tank.

Mine does not have this
Can you highlight where it goes to on the back or is it that black pipe thats by the brake fluid resivior if it is no wonder your having problems cost about £12 from ford
I have highlighted it in red.

See the bit i have highlighted in green top left of pic, instead of having this unit, all that is on mine is a small relay, with 2 pipes connected to it, and 2 wires.

Mine does not have that long pipe that i have done in red.

on throttle housing it just has the one that goes to fuel rail valve, the other just has a plastic rubber blocker.

If i was to get this new pipe, where do i connect it to on relay, as relay has 2 pipes on it allready

I will take picture of mine in the morning.
you have a mk1.5 mate and that hose if i remember is meant to be blanked off thats why theres nowhere to plug it into the pic looks the same as youre engine i believe its an early version add to that it wouldnt be causing youre issues i gave you the list and as i said youre wasting money replacing parts in the hope it will solve the issue take it for diagnostics to ford it will be cheaper or you will spend hundreds of hours and pounds to still have the same issue
It has been to fords, result was no faults found.

I know that thats incorrect, as no car engine should shake when brake lights come on.
Here is mine
if theres no faults found and all the rpms are as they should be then theres no fault other cars are not like the ford its a fact the mk1 idled too low and you cant alter that ford themselves admitted that. the computer via half a dozen sensors dictate the idle its a common issue with no fix in a normal car idle is 800 to 900rpm when u apply load its not noticeable as the idle hides it the focus is 670 to 730 so any load is noticeable and it drops to 600 temporarily. from experiance and trawling through many forums when i had the issue being at ford etc etc you wont find an answer people either live with it trade it in or spend hundreds upon hundreds replacing parts that dont do anythiwmg
It looks like i may have fixed the issue, i increased the revs at tick over.

And how i did this was, on the little idle screaw on throttle body, i super glued a tiny piece of plastic on to idle screaw, so it now idles at a tiny tiny bit higher, its really un noticable.

The bit in pic in yellow is where i super glued a tiny bit of plastic.
im sorry to say this but you cant do that mate youll have issues with the throttle very shortly and the computer will start to over ride this i know as ford did that with mine and the revs stopped dropping properly at junctions they had to replace the throttle body at there charge as the screw is not to be tampered with im afraid you may have increased youre problems it wont be immediate but soon it may come back to bite you the idle is controlled via the computer not that screw all you have done is open the butterfly valve more meaning when cold and driving then slowing down it wont close as much as it should
I had a feeling it was a bit to simple, car has been back to fords, there is no update available, and they say there is no fault.

I am thinking speed sensor, as the engine shake seems to be worse, when car is rolling with foot on clutch and brake pedal pressed. enough for brake lights to come on, i need to solve this once and for all, as its really bugging me, a friend bought same year focus as mine, same engine same everything he bought it yesterday, and his does not do it.
Any one have any further advice on this please.

Also what is the switch on clutch pedal for, i thought that was only for stop start
maybe theyre right and theres no fault mate speed sensor would cause the speedo to die out and come on again also diagnostics would show it up as faulty
I don't understand why people say there is no fault.

Surly it can not be normal for engine and car to shake when brake lights come on.

A friend has bought the same year car, smae engine, same everything, and his does not do it, so I know its not normal.

People say its normal, when brake lights come on, car shakes so bad wing mirrors are shaking.

Am sorry but i have to disagree with Fords on this one, and any one else that says its normal.
as i said most live with it it may be the pcm has a faulty diode expensive to fix all the sensors are fine as is the alternator and battery its not an obvious electrical issue the 3pin plug for the smart charge is ok it doesnt leave much else to say ford cant find any issues the only choice is taking it to an auto electrician or as i said do what hundreds did and live with it as it is im all out of ideas
Well thank christ, I have finally solved the problem.

I just happened to be doing a job on a friends car cleaning his idle control valve, and i noticed his was different to mine, but car is same engine and same year, but he did not have same problem i was having.

You will see in first 2 pictures, is my idle control valve and manifold.

And in 3rd and 4th pics new idle control valve and manifold

Notice how they are different in the size of idle control valve holes and the hole on manifold where icv sits.

I swapped mine for the new ones of a different size, and problem has gone, i have took the piece of plastic off the throttle to keep revs increased that i put on.

The car runs 100% perfect.

Can any one explain, why the 2 car of same year had different icv and manifold.
I would say that at some time the manifold has been changed and someone has put the wrong one on?
You may be right, as the inlet manifold was brand new when i got car.
yep someones changed it and done a poor job they took a newer manifold and stuck it on same with the icv i believe the metal one is 2001 onwards
[quote name='artscot79' timestamp='1348076105' post='207383']
yep someones changed it and done a poor job they took a newer manifold and stuck it on same with the icv i believe the metal one is 2001 onwards
[/quote]They are both plastic manifolds just the bit where icv goes on is different, and icv is different.

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