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Full Version: Pedal Set, Will The Mk2 Alloy Pedals Fit The Mk3
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Hey guys getting my new titx soon and I asked about getting the sports pedal set but dealer parts can't find them in the accessories section so I'm lookin into whether the mk2 pedals are the same as the new mk3

Sorry to wake an old post but did you ever find out if you can fit Mk2 pedals to a Mk3, I see that the Mk2 pedals say 2007> with no end date (e.g. 2007-2010), dose anyone out there know.. I don't really  want to spend 80 odd quid on the off chance


simple answer to that one from looking on ebay is no they are totally different in size and shape so no they wouldnt fit by the way the dealer ones are made in china and despite what they charge you they dont cost close to that pick up a set on ebay for around £30


If this is talking about the pedal covers then comparing part numbers between the 2008 and 2011 models I'd say there's a good chance the covers swap over.


For the pedal covers the parts listed as 3M51..... are the same as the Mk 2 Focus and in fact go right back to 2003MY (hence the 3 at the start of the part number prefix)


So the clutch pedal cover is the same for all models, and while it looks like the auto and manual pedal covers did get updated for the Mk3 during 2011 you can see that the dates they give don't match up with any of the dates for the pedals themselves being updated - if the new covers had to physically match an updated pedal assembly then the dates would tie up too.


Would make sense that they stick with the same design for something basic like the pedal covers.


No doubt some photos will totally disprove what I've just said above  ;)


Thanks for the info Comrade Troy, I levered off my pedal rubbers and they have 3M51 on the back so the  Mk2.5 kit may fit, but I've ordered a set of sport pedals off eBay (They say are for 2013MY) for 22.59GBP to try out, they are a push fit same as the rubber pads but could be screwed on if taken apart and at that price its worth a try, if only I hade taken the old ones of the Mk2.5 but I thought I hade drilled and screwed them on but that was the Mondeo ones. will keep you posted.. now saving my penny's for the LED Gear Knob

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