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Full Version: Mondeo Mk2 Query
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Can anyone tell me why i hear water from behind the dash when i start car up. Never heard it before till now.
So wondering what it is ?? It's sort of a sloshing around type noise. Car is 52 mk3 2.0 petrol ghia. Don't have aircon on much, maybes once a week. And there doesnt seem to be any leaks of any kind that i can see.

Edit mk is wrong in title it should say mk3 . sorry
it sounds like an air lock in the heater matrix, i presume the coolant level is ok,if it is try letting the car come up to temp at idle with the coolant cap off.
Thanks for the reply Mintalkin
Well i checked coolant level when i heard that sloshing around of water over the week end. Its was on max
but now today i went back and checked it in my dinner break and i'm down about a 1/4 of an inch
and i had a crimson coloured puddle under car so thats what made me check the level. so i'm assuming
the sloshing sound and coolant puddle are linked. Hoses are ok , and if i leave engine on i cannot see where it's leaking from.
Check around your water pump housing.
It could be something as simple as a gasket.
Stoney is the water pump on the left hand side of the engine??. Also if you look into engine bay, the radiator is wet on the left hand side.. It's as though the water/coolant is being squirted onto it and, also over the front of the engine.
Sorry I'm not sure of the location of the pump but it certainly sounds like a real or rise leaking under pressure.
I'd ensure the coolant levels are topped up and get a garage to have a good look.
If the garage had of acted quicker it would of been fixed by now. Went up monday and was fobbed off tbh. Went back today and they are looking at it on tuesday. Was told to keep an eye on the level of coolant so
i will do. Hope it doesnt do any lasting damage. Level has only been going down about 1/4 inch. Stoney why
is it leaking under pressure?? does that mean head gasket has gone? They pressure tested it[ what ever that is] but didnt say anything to me about what the result on PT was. So in the dark really.
I'm referring more to the pressure of the water pump than the cylinder head pressure.
If the water pump seal/gasket is knackered them it will usually leak under pressure rather than when turned off.
Stoney ok thanks for that extra info.
Going to do a new reply in my own post, rather than here.
Been up to garage and they say i need a new thermostat housing and thats what was causing the little leak.
Surely it doesnt take all day to fix this problem.. Does it!!. I take it the T/H is a sealed unit and once its has a
split/crack in it then the water will leak out?? What do i need to keep and eye on when i get car back to see if
they have done propper job. Very suss of the garage tbh and i wish i had of bought elsewhere now.
if its petrol duratec engine its about 2hrs to change had mine done its all a sealed unit with sensor built in for good meassure..its hard to see as its under intake manifold at front of the engine next to power steering pump oh under engine cover
ppeter7 yeah petrol engine. Did they have to take intake manifold off then. Got car back at 4pm they had it for 2 bloody days. Glad i didnt have to pay because of the warranty. Anything i should look out for mate seeing as you've had same job done?? Need to be on the ball coz i've only got 1 months warranty left.
not really i didnt have to but then it depends on guy who did it as it was a biznich todo with inlet manifold on.just ask if its genuine 1 though as cheaper after market1s tend to fail shut causing engine to cook then its new engine.but since i had mine done its been ok mate

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