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Full Version: key fob coding
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Hi to all, Can anyone help me with programming a spare fob I have obtained. The original fob has failed, changed battery but no change. Using the original key in new fob needs to be programmed I believe.
Thanks in advance
Programming remote central locking

1 Put key in ignition, turn to position 2 (dont start engine) and off 4 times in 6 seconds

2 You'll hear a chime

3 Remove key and press any button on the keyfob

4 Put key back in ignition and turn to 2 and off again.

Remote locking should now work

To programme PATS immobiliser you need two keys with chips already known to the car

You have to be quick, all the following need to be done in under 10 seconds for it to work.

1 Insert first known key into ignition, turn to position 2 and off, remove key

2 Insert second known key into ignition, turn to position 2 and off, remove key. PATS is in learning mode now

3 Insert the new unknown key into the ignition turn to position 2 and off. Remove key.

Wait a couple of minutes for PATS to exit learning mode and try your new key. Car should start.

You can use your key shaft for both your old remote and the new one, just remove it from the new key and hold the old keyfob next to it, the car will detect the chip it doesnt actually need to be clipped into the key shaft part.
Hi guys, sorry to hijack! regarding this exact topic - I had a good key with remote but wanted a second good remote key, i programmed the pats successfully then came to the remote keyfob, I used my old key to program the new fob but now the old remote doesnt work (already a new battery) - can it have only one remote programmed? the procedure above doesnt do anything at all now (no chimes)!

What do you think - its a 2003 (53) Focus TDCi?

When programming the fob to remote locking you have to press a button on each fob, even the one the car already knows mate. Do the same procedure again but this time press a button on both fobs, seperately not together
Hi, Just had a chance to do this today but appears like the max amount of attempts have been exceeded as it doesnt work anymore, is it possible for Ford to reset this or does it mean a new ECU?!

Ford will be able to reset it. I wasnt aware there was a limit on the number of attempts. There is a limit on the number of keys stored which can be anywhere from 1-4 keys but again Ford can change this on the famous computer.
Thanks for the info buddy
You go to ford and they cost an arm and a leg, if you live in the Glasgow area contact me I can get this done with a registered garage at a very small cost!

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