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Full Version: Had The Car Mapped
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As title says, just before I went in hospital I had the car re-mapped by midlands mappers and he over rided my ecu with a maximum performance map, which takes it from 115bhp upto 150 ish, and from 250 torque upto 310 r/r will confirm.... Anyway is it usual for alot more smoke under heavy boost? I have no other issues than smoke lol..... Any replies more than welcome cheers....
[size=4]interested to see how well yours performs interested in having my 1.8 done so will be watching for any updates you give[/size]
Mine is mapped to 148 and have no extra smoke.
May I suggest some BG244 additive and a good high rev run on a motorway or A road (Italian tune).
It has a good run every weekend, I get lots more torque steer escp in 2nd, and it pulls lots better up in 4th and 5th, pull of is easier too. Im gettin average 50 round town. So chuffed even stays with the vectra diesel sri.....
Mine is also mapped to 148 (338Nm + overboost) and have no extra smoke. No turbo lag, no turbo hole. 9.0sec from 0-60miles.
So the smoke is a bad sign? I no its not turbo failure.... Ive tried redex and no difference.... Any other ideas please..
Are you sure it was a proper remap not a piggyback ECU more commonly know as a smokebox!
Unsure on wat u mean oilburner? All I can tell u is that he was on the lappy messing about with specific ecu folders
A good map won't produce any more smoke. Sounds like the fuel has been upped but not matched with the boost level.

So it needs to be fine tuned then?
Depends... Could be anything, has it only happened since the map? Or are You only noticing it now and blaming the map...

I had a similar thing with my old focus, turned out it needed a new egr valve... It wasn't the tuning box as I suspected...

I'd try cheaper solutions first (like millers diesel additive) for a few tanks before going back to your mapper... He should do tweaks for nothing if your unhappy... Most ones I have dealt with have
Im not blaming the map I love it. If it qas there b4 its more notciable now under heavy foot say 3rd to 4th about 3.5k. By tuning box u mean a map? Will deffo try the additive...
Kind of... A tuning box basically interrupts the signals sent by the cars ECU and changes it, so ups the fuel... That's why u get more smoke.. With a remap u can adjust the fuel and boost and normally many other things, to keep the smoke to a minimum...

Yeah try the additive, also if it is possible get the egr cleaned.. Even if this isnt a problem its a good idea... They always clog up and block open or closed... This leads to a lot of smoke, I know it happened on the M6 to me lol!

If you have only noticed it since the map, then it sounds like it may need a little tweak. If you go back and say its smokey then the mapper should tweak it a little to either give a little more boost or a little less fuel...
Ok, will sort some millers from eurocar parts or somewhere local. If im correct with our facelift focus I have to remove the wipers scuttle pan etc....... As far as I no I have no tunning box installed, as he directly messed with the ecu...... U take it u clean the egr with carb cleaner or similar? Thanks for replies
You don't have a tuning box,,,, you have a remap. And personally I wouldn't worry about the smoke under heavy acceleration,,,, a few sayin that this shouldn't be the case with a remap, but I've seen many a car, with propper remaps that produce extra black smoke when giving it a kicking. As the old saying goes "No smoke, no poke" ;-)
Ah "No Smoke No Poke"... works well for older diesels, but shouldn't be the case on new ones... the more black smoke, the higher the EGT's... and thats not good when they start getting high!

A light mist or haze is normal, but i wouldnt expect a decent map to smoke heavily under harsh acceleration.. Not with what is at the fingertips of the mapper,. fuel, boost, injection timing, injection duration yadda yadda yadda...

Luckily you dont have a DPF on your generation of focus... as it takes an experienced mapper to tune a DPF fitted diesel, as there is no smoke to go "Oooops ive gone too far" hence why a modern diesel shouldn't smoke too much more than ususal...

I mean what are we talking here? a massive black cloud? or only something you notice in the dark when headlights are behind you?? if you dont notice clouds of the devils dust behind you during daylight, i wouldnt say it was too much of an issue...
Not big blacj clouds no, I do get clouds tho yes, when under harsh kick all cars behind seem to back off, look in rear view n there is smoke, more noticable at dusk yes, but daylight also.... Tbh thats y I chose the 1.8 due to fact of no dpf.... Shall I just try some cleaning treatment and go from there?
It can't hurt to lob in a can of BG244 or Wynns.
I have used comma injector cleaner before with good results, heard the BG range is certainly good, if not then maybe a full clean like that new terraclean system thats started hitting the market
Also the 1.8 is almost bomb proof!! Noone I know of has gone past 150bhp yet... The flow design of the head limits things a little... I was gonna try, but then it blew its fuel system lol!
back on line finally.... a little progress, chucked in a tin of fuel additive/cleaner ran this for 2 full tanks worth and no joy..... then went down the way of egr valve/maf sensor, boost sensor, etc...... cleaned all sensors an no joy.. our egr valve is all electronic so took of what i thought was the egr but it was just all the workings of it, the egr is by the turbo somewhere next to the inlet.. took the car to a mate who stripped all the inlet off, turbo, mostly everything on the back of the block off, cleaned everything thing down, inlet etc... was propper chocked up, this took almost a day to strip clean and put back together, car still ran the same... so decided to blank the egr valve off with a home made 3mm galv plate, but was unsure to where i block it off.

Hope ive blocked it off in the right place and thats at the bottom of the pipe, not after the cooler and next to the egr electric thingy lol..

Any advice more than welcome please, oh the car runs spot on now
Martin, is the issue fixed then?
it is yes, but still not 100% i'd say its 99% but the 1% could be me as it was running poor for about 4 weeks, but on our way back from hickley last week it was terrible, like major flat spot at bottom of revs, and when booting it, then sometimes when you changed gear it would over rev by 1k ish........ touch wood its being fine the past couple of days...... i just want to know if i have blocked the pipe off in the right place? if anybody on here has this done already?? as im really unsure about the cooler and it use's?

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