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Full Version: 1.8 Tddi Seems Very Loud
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Hi all,

I have a friend with a Focus Mk1 1.8 TDDI and lately the typical agricultural rattle from the engine has become much louder and I'm not sure why. Any information or advice would be greatfully recieved.

The oil in the car was quite low, at minimum but not below, and hadn't been changed in a couple of years so I gave the car an oil change and new oil filter which has improved things slightly. The rocker cover is quite oilly but I can't see any obvious gasket leak or fault. Don't know if that is indicative of anything on this engine.
When up close to the EGR I can hear a tinging sound, but I don't know how normal that is for this engine. Apparently the car sometimes feel a little gutless and chugs a bit when cold. Perhaps this again points towards an EGR fault?
Doesn't sound like the scraping I would expect of a water pump failing or an exhaust or manifold on it's way out.
The car and engine seems generally in good order except for the sound.

Thanks for your time,
ide say the fact the oil hasnt been changed in a few years wont have done the engine internals any favours and most likely the engines just worn sadly diesels dont fare well like any car when neglected
Could be the turbo as gone, when it goes it sounds like you say, and as no pull, letting the oil go low wil starve the turbo of oil, and damage the bearing, also if the turbo oil seal as gone is probably why the engine is low on oil, as it blows it out of the exhaust. easy to test the turbo, just take off the air inlet pipe to the turbo and see if there is any play in the impeller..
When I got my 1.8TDCI I was warned that if oil changes were missed, then the engines would wear rapidly, as some of the injection conponants are chain driven. I would suspect that old oil has caused the chains and cogs to wear out.
Thanks for your responses guys.

Sadly sods law has just interveened and the car just died while spitting out water on the road. Maybe it is the waterpump after all! I'll hopefully have a chance to look at it soon and update here for future reference.

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