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Full Version: Automatic Boot Opening (Thnking Out Loud)
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hey guys recently seen a video on you tube of a mk5 golf when you push the boot open on the remote the boot opens [media][/media] now ive done bit research and found that on the golf you have to use bits off other models skoda gas struts and scirocco bump stops.

Now am just wondering if anything like this can be done on the mk2.5 focus i had a look at my boot and when you push the unlock button on the remote the boot clicks and then you can lift the boot so just wondering if anyone can think of anything that can push the boot up just enough for the gas struts to take over or if anyone knows of any uprated gas struts that will fit. liam
Sounds like a really good idea. I use the button a lot but is anoying that it doesn't lift automatically

On there they mention the gas struts from a transit works on an Audi, so may work on a focus :S
Okay so I read a bit deeper, seems like adding a spring to initially get the hatch moving then just lifts its self
Yer am thinking about summit that is spring loaded, they use the vw scirocco bump stops on the golf to pop it open then the gas stuts take over if the skoda stuts are the same length as the focus ones they might fit on the focus boot???
Maybe yeah, but just had a look how far it would need to lift before the standard struts would lift it. Would need a spring about 2 inches long and 6 - 8mm diameter
Im gona have a look round the garage to see what I can find :)
looking foward to the progress on this one guys.
i saw a mk5 fiesta owner who had this feature on his motor but he wouldnt say how he got it working etc.
i have saw spring systems for a saloon boot but it wouldnt work with our strut system
Yeah you need a kicker spring.
Another option is electric actuators.
Great idea. Just be careful where you use it. Multi-story car parks are so low in Chelmsford the boot will hit the concrete ceiling. And not to mention my garage eves.
I wounder if you get the up rated struts and add some machine springs to them to give the kick needed to allow the struts to take over
Hey preee it's just finding struts that are more powerfull and that will fit that would be the first thing as you need the struts to take over the standard ones are rubbish.
Don't forget your gonna need to be able to close it again when you've put your shopping in the boot lol, without being built like a brick s*@t house. The Honda accord estate 2003 onwards has an auto open & close function, they use struts, actuators and other bits and bobs, which are expensive, and temprimental at times, looks cool when they do work though.... Good luck with your quest :-)
Had no luck looking for springs, but I did come across this

A step by step guide for the golf struts which may help

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