Well I've just put a deposit down on my 2nd ford. a Sport KA this time.
Bit of a background. Im 20, and a Technician for Peugeot/Kia from south east london.

How I've come to my second ford.
OK so I was driving to work the other day and some knob had blocked the road. Slammed it into reverse and well...Chewed up reverse so badly it can't stay in. (It was on its way out anyways), it had massive coolant leak and oil was seeping out the back, it had a good 113K miles and has served me well. Bu to the graveyard it goes.

So I've had a look around today and went and put a deposit down on my new beauty.


1.6 sportka SE nice black and blue leather interior.
Couple of little things to bring the price down but I'm extremely happy! I pick it up next saturday and the guy even gave me a decent trade in on my old motor.