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Full Version: New Member And Basic Mods.
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Hi all. Not long joined up here. Just thought I would throw up a couple of pics of the basic mods I got the ideas for from your forum. I have a Focus Style which as you know has the basic of basic equipment. It's a 1.8 tdci which I need for work as I do a lot of mileage. I had a Mondeo Zetec previously so I thought I might raise the Focus up to near the Zetec level. I have changed the interior light and fitted a blue led festoon bulb in the main area but left white bulbs in the map reading lights. I located the front footwell lights and fitted blue leds there too. I also cut out a rectangle at the rear of the centre console and fitted a lens from a Mondeo boot light and again fitted a blue led festoon bulb. It all lights up quite well at night. I got a set of dials for the heater controls and they look pretty good. Got a pair of led DRL's from a mate and fitted them in the lower front grill. They look ok I guess but might change them at a later date. I also fitted a 12v power point in the boot.
Hi and welcome to FOC
Glad to see the modding bug has bitten you :) , great mods keep them coming.
To continue the interior lighting, as you already have power to your front footwell lighting, how about fitting rear footwell lighting and an led ignition barrel? Cheap and simple mods but very effective.
I was going to fit 2 rear footwell lights but the 1 I have fitted lights up the area pretty good. I also have a roof light to fit to give additional lighting. I don't know if I want to do any major mods as I don't have the knowledge, the place to do them or the finances.
Here's my interior lighting

Missing from that photo is my ignition barrel. Also fitted a second boot light so now my boot is lit up very bright and blue.

What is your opinion on carbon wrap? For the head unit surround etc. Cause that can be a nice cheap mod for the interior that I and a lot of fellow members have done.

A major ish but easy to do and cheap enough mod at around 70pounds but really worth it is a second reverse light. I had no experience of electrics or any real space for doing mods but I managed it easy enough and it's the best mod I've done to date.
The small mods are the most pleasing ones, my car was pretty much stock when i started on here and look at my list now :D
The blue interior is very much like I have. The carbon wrap idea sounds ok to me. It will be a winter time kind of project though. I need my car every day and work 12 hour shifts. Come winter time we get laid off work so I should have plenty spare time to experiment with bits and pieces. I guess the small satisfying mods will lead to more adventurous ones.LOL.
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The small mods are the most pleasing ones, my car was pretty much stock when i started on here and look at my list now :D


Although I haven't done as much as you but my list is still growing lol
How about some aluminium pedals? Only about 10quid and seconds to fit.
Everything is worth a shot. The next thing I want to look at is a set of alloys and new tyres. The car just won't go round a roundabout properly!
I forgot to mention I have fitted red leds in the rear light cluster in beside the indicator. I travel a lot of motorway miles and I noticed that the rear of the 2.5 Focus doesn't have a lot of red light. I'm currently deciding whether to fit 4 or 5 single red leds into the boot lift area. On either side of the number plate lights. Just a thoght.
[color="#0000FF"][size="5"][font="Times New Roman"]Hi welcome[/font][/size][/color] :)

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