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Full Version: Possable Solutions To The Fashing Orange Light Of Death!
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Did you have (or do you have again) the flashing yellow coil light of doom on your mondeo? Was it (or is it once again) going into limp mode?

I've found possible solutions all over the forums, but to save everyone allot of time and to try and consolidate things. could you post here, the age and mileage of your motor (when it went wrong), along with with what you did that was successful in fixing it and how long that fix lasted for? ;)

the flashing orange light could be anything from a sensor to the injectors/ fuel system, without getting the fault codes read its difficult to say whats wrong.
George Lawrence
[b]Had mine read whilst the engine was still running and the flashing glow lamp was going. It said no faults. I have changed the cam sensor as someone suggested, also a new fuel filter, egr valve cleaned with no splits in pipework, cleaned the maf sensor. Still the dreaded flashing glow plug light when i put my foot down at above 60 and it kicks in. Could i also have a problem with this actuator thing. ?[/b]
a friend of mind has suggested that i get my injectors checked and if need be, recoded/replaced as I've done over 180k.

not only do i get the flashing glow plug light, but i also have an engine light that comes on with the fuel warning light when low on diesel!?

*try keeping your revs bellow 3,100. I've found that stops the limp mode from activating on mine .
9 times out of 10 it wants injectors replacing unfortunatley.
Injectors can be recoded, or overhauled, but the odds are highly against you and generally fault will occur again within the year
George Lawrence
[b]Just an update to this saga. As Mintalkin has said it could be loads of things causing our flashing coil light of doom & gloom. I have already told what I have changed on my car but every one seems to come back to the injectors. I read another post and the advice was to unplug the MAF Sensor. I thought I'LL try anything that does'nt cost too much, so I did. Traveled home from work, about 10 miles, although the EML came on everything seemed ok. Put my foot down and guess what, No black smoke behind me, No flashing light of doom and goes like a rocket. I'm not saying this is the solution but do I change the MAF Sensor at a cost of £100+ and hope for the best or am i just kidding myself that I think i've cracked it. Please give me a good shake if you think i'm kidding myself.[/b]

My mondeo goes into limp mode/flashing glow plug in cold weather. Generally, stopping and restarting the engine solves the problem. Changed the cam shaft sensor to no avail.
i have just got the glow plug of death. the garage has found a split pipe on one of the turbo hoses they believe this to be the problem but i am abit scepticle as they say they cannot plug the diagnostic machine in as there is a faulty plug on the car. does any body think a split pipe could cause this warning light

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