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Full Version: Engine Warning Light
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My engine warning light has come on and the engine has died then when u turn it off give it ten it will start again after reading about this problem it seems to boil down to the turbo or the sensors for the fuel pump or injectors but as I was contemplating taking my new towbar off to part ex my much loved focus I twiddled the wiring underneath and now I have noticed that the light has gone I'm just wondering if dodgy wiring or loose connection can cause this problem any one got any ideas on this would be most appreaciated as I need a reliable car and don't want to get rid of my focus over something so small I love this car I've had it since 07 and would gladly keep it another ten yrs if I thought it was not going to cost more than its worth
The light probably won't have anything to do with the wiring you have twiddled with. My engine light has decided to come on and off again TWICE today,, I just get 'limp home power loss' for a few seconds, then the light goes out and all is ok. So I assume this could be the case for a number of faults. You need to get it on a code reader, a decent one too, as I have one here that is showing no faults stored, but I'll bet my bottom dollar that when I hook it up to the RAC reader, it will show me the problem. Mine has given me a few glitches since i've owned it, all 'engine system faults' but luckily they have all been resolved by simpy wiping the codes.
Have had problem with engine loss of power and "failure" light showing but neither RAC or Ford garage can find any fault recorded, so do not "bet your bottom dollar". Do not understand why and makes analysis of problem nigh impossible. ( see my post today).
I'll find it somewhere, had it on a normal obd reader today while the light was on, and showing 'no faults' onboard scan showing no DTC codes showing. Which was the same as last time, but there are no apparent symptoms this time, just goes into limp mode, the goes off after a couple of mins. Typically my old man is off on his holidays so will have to wait to hook it up to his comp, which is quite good considering it covers all makes of cars. Fingers crossed either way.

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