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Full Version: Mondeo Mk3 Starting Issue
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focash mk1
Hi there, i recently bought my pride and joy, a Mk3 Mondeo, Ghia 2.0 petrol and its is a lovely drive.

But i have had starting troubles from day one (only about 2 weeks ago) she turns over but needs a bit of throttle to start up. it differs with temperature it seems, first thing when its cold is best but when its had a run and is warm it really struggles to start. At worst i end up with the stater jamming and i have to wait a bit and try again

Its more than frustrating and i need some guidance and or knowledge on the problem

So far i have changed the plugs and leads and to be fair she runs better but has had no affect on the start up

Any help or advice anyone can offer me will be greatly appreciated

Thank you in advance
sounds like starter motor if thats jamming up??do you wait for fuel pump to stop once ignition switched on,mine dont start until the pump stops.checked air filter? maybe cam sensor have you engine light on??low compression? regards pete
focash mk1
Hi Pete, thanks for your advice, the starter only jams when she really struggles to start and i crank it too much if you know what i mean, although the starter may also not be in the best condition, i think the problem lies elsewhere.

I Didnt know about the fuel pump trick but i know i never wait for it so i will give that a go, that could be quite effective. although that wouldn't explain the reason behind it being worse when hot, but i'll give it a go in a bit.

my air filter seems clean and fine so that should be ok i hope.

the engine light isn't on so i hope there are no sensor problems.

i think you could be right with the compression theory. after a journey on the motorway i lost all water and had to fill up, that to me spells, head gasket, really hope not but im no expert, just seems like things could be heading that way :/

thank you again, any further help is handy
mmm may be a pressure test to see if where water leak is to..make be a compression test see if its a bit low.. i would start off the cheap way 1st before stripping engine to bits 1st then find its a cheap repair..mines come upto 205,000 miles i gotta do valve stem seals but it still gose like a rocket.oh also check oil cap for the dreaded white sludge or if oil is a mlky brown and not dark black thats another tell tell headgasket gone to if i can help anymore i watch the post
also check t map sensor not clogged dirty
Sounds like head gasket, though these suffer with thermostat housing issues too.
The trouble starting could easily be down to something simple like throttle butterfly sticking, but you need to eliminate other factors first
mondeo mk111

This issue is B.S!!
I've flicked through tons and tons of forums and thousands of people have the same problem.
they've gone down the route of blowing ££££'s on *Spark plugs, oil filter, fuel pump, fuel filter, leads, starter ect ect..... all that Jizz!
Ford clearly know the answer this is a overly common flaw!!?
My motor has only covered just over 80,000?


Does your starter turn over slow or quick? If starter turns too slow this can be enough for car not starting

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