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Full Version: Advice / Suggestions Wanted Please
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[size=5][font='comic sans ms', cursive]hi all, my issue is that no matter which type of tyre i choose my mk1 focus handles like a dream in the dry but the slightest hint of moisture and it will handle like a tea tray on a ski slope,[/font][/size]

[size=5][font='comic sans ms', cursive]now obviously being a turbo diesel i would expect it to have more torque making the front end a bit twitchy when powering out of corners etc but that still makes no sense to me when i can go round a roundabout at 30-35 in the dry yet strugle with 20 when its damp.[/font][/size]

[size=5][font='comic sans ms', cursive]any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated[/font][/size]

[size=5][font='comic sans ms', cursive]p.s. all roll bar components are new inc. drop links [/font][/size]
when you say no matter what tyre are you using budget tyres had this problem on a clio bought some brand new cheapys off the bay and they where down right dangerous in the wet/damp conditions to hard of a compound what make tyres do you have on at the moment .and size
185/65 -14 currently on hankook centum H720's

heres the link for one of the reviews so going by this they really should'nt be as bad as they are

see what you mean unfortunetly its expensive to experiment with tyres but at the same time got to think of your safety my son has a mk1 and has no handling probs at all thats what made me choose a focus because of the way it drove so its a difficult one are all your shocks in good order and top mounts not that i,ve heard of probs on the focus with these just a thought .
all of the shocks and springs are good but i have been thinking of changing them for adjustables anyway, just not sure whether it will be worth it or not depending on the handling changes
get the rear bushes checked and the rear upper bushes checked these usually are suspect on a car of that age also check the tyre pressures my mk2 states 30 front but thats really with passengers etc i usually have it at 28 as its mostly always just me and it makes a difference
Also get your tracking tested, an incorrect wheel angle can cause wayward handling on turns.

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