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Full Version: Engine System Fault Again...
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[b][color=#0000CD]Ok guys, firstly I know this is going to need to go on a diagnostic reader, Or at least a decent one, but just wondering if anyone else has had similar problems, so here goes...[/color][/b]
[b][color=#0000CD] The problem is as stated above, I get the message 'engine system fault' showing in the middle of the cluster, accompanied by the solid red light to the right of the display. Before the light comes on, the car runs fine, no problems at all, then while driving the message comes on and the car goes into limp mode. This only lasts for a few minutes they it goes out again and drives normal again. This can happen at anytime, and a number of times during a journey.[/color][/b]
[b][color=#0000CD] I've done the dash test, showing NO DTC codes, also hooked it up to a small OBD2 reader, same again, NO codes, BUT... If I select delete codes, it will put the light out on the dash, and the message goes, but then comes back on again. A quick google search, is,well difficult, as there is no specific signs to point to my problem, as I don't have any symptoms. And If I just start throwing parts on, the costing will get stupid. Any help with this will be appreciated, as can't get it onto a decent reader until at least Monday, and would really liked to have made some progress by then. Cheers, Mike.[/color][/b]
in these circumstances ide say go to ford who can put it on the big scanner and go through each sensor etc till they find the fault it could be the cluster itself thats faulty i know everyone tries to avoid the dealers but there computers are far more sophisticated than a simple scanner
Sometimes it's as easy as a clogged/ badly seated fuel filter or dirty injectors.
I had that problem a few months ago and a good service sorted it right out.
When was yours last serviced?
Last serviced around 5 months ago, had oil & filter, air filter & fuel filter,,, the old fuel filter looked like it had never been changed, even though the garage I bought it from said they had done it. But I never believe these people so had to check for myself. Not done many miles since last service really, not a heavy user by all accounts. I'll just ride it out for a while see if my old mans comp comes up with anything when he gets back from hols, then take it from there.

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