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Full Version: Buying an 04 Streeka
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Hi All,

First post on here, so hoping I'll get some replies.

My other half wants a Streetka and we've found quite a few which fir the bill - 04/54 plate Luxury editions in Black or Grey.

Just wondering if there's anything in particular to look out for 0 unique to these models.

I've got a few specific questions which I'm hoping can be answered:
[*]What are the service intervals - and when are the major services i.e. timing belt?
[*]What are the standard recommended brand of tyre? Are these run-flats?
[*]Do these suffer with things like lambda sensors & pre-cat's failing, dodgy MAF sensors, head gasket nightmares etc?
[*]Steering racks - are they generally ok or do they go?
[*]How much are the hard tops to buy?

I'm guessing as they're Ford, parts are generally cheap as chips - is the Duratec engine just taken from a Focus?

Finally, might be hard to resist a few minor mods such as some uprated springs and dampers, plus a stainless exhaust and filter - any recommendations? I've hunted for an exhaust online but can't seem to find anyone who does one for the StreetKa - is it the same as the normal Ka? I don't want to use crappy PowerFlow as they fall to bits.

Thanks in advance!

The service interval is every 12.5k or 12months (whichever is first) with the major being every third.

Think its a timing chain that's on them so you wont need to worry about changing it.

Not had many run ins with the streetkas so I can only assume they're ok as far as common problems go.

Hope this helps
The Stretka is great fun, and many parts aren't much different to the KA. However, I've just had a tear in the rear window, and was quoted 320 to replace just the plastic window. In the end, the Ford garage said that the rear window can be difficult to replace as it doesn't pull tight, and it ended up being a whole new hood. Not sure how much this cost as it was done through my insurance. My only advice is that repairs to the hood can be expensive, so when buying, make sure it has no faults in the hood before agreeing to anything.
Just had a new rear screen fitted to mine and the total was it is worth checking them carefully. As far as i've heard and read it's the hood and suspension that need looking at more closely. Good luck anyway...they're great little cars!
watch out for leaking roofs. my mate had 3 and they all leaked x
HI i had my street ka luxury blue a few weeks ago and its great hopefully nothing will go wrong with it.It does shake a little when roof is down but that is common in most convertibles otherwise a sexy little car!! loves it
:lol: :rolleyes: :P :P

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