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Full Version: Im So Stuck Here :( Anyone Know About Focus Engines, Please Help!
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focus 1.6 ti-vct
Hi guys, im at my witts end with this problem, no one seems to know much about these 1.6tivct engines, im soooooo stuck!

i own a ford focus 2008 (08 reg) Mk2

it is a 115bhp zetec climate ...

i need a new engine and the problem i have is that everyone sends me a standard 1.6 engine, the root of the problem is that the engine code starts with 4m5g and that is what im after but the engines they send are the wrong ones, there is no solenoids on the cam shaft covers and the exhaust manifolds are in the wrong place .... cut a long story short ...

does anyone know EXACTLY what engine i need? i have found loads of focus cmax and new fiesta engines that look 100% like what i need ... are these ok to put in my car? will it work with no problems?

heres what i found so far __>>

will any of these be ok?

thanks guys, really appreciate any help :)
Hi mate, when speaking to the guys at mountune about an upgrade for the focus 1.6 Ti VCT they said that the focus mk2 and mk2.5 engines are identical to the mk7 (09 >) fiesta engine (1.6 Ti VCT) however they have different electrical systems and ECU. That's why the mountune kit doesn't fit the focus.
So if you we're to fit a fiesta engine, you would need a focus wiring loom and ECU.
The reason ford did that is the focus has less bhp than the fiesta, but a bit more torque as it is a bigger car

Hope that helps
simply put you can only really use the foci engine c max and fiestas are slightly different like placement of airbox and intake also the ecu is different so you need one from a focus mk2 or 2.5

they didnt sell ti vct by the millions more the standard 1.6 and any ive seen are around 800-900 for that you could have youre engine rebuilt ive searched ebay and found nothing suitable as for knowing about these engines its mainly only ford who do
focus 1.6 ti-vct
Hi haz93 thank you for that :) i remember before actually speaking to mountune performance about 2 years ago for an upgrade to my engine, but exactly what you said, the fiesta and focus engines are not compatable, even tho there both 1.6TiVCTs :( shame because it seems that theres alot of interest in upgrades for these ...

Hi artscot79:) you can prob remember me about a month ago on my old post asking about an engine, well, update .. i bought one of those showed to me on ebay, unfortunately the engine that i received was completely different from shown! the cheek! bloody garages! haha :)

Ebay listing picture ->[url=""][/url]

What i received-> [url=""][/url]

My actual engine i need ->[url=""][/url]

After speaking to some idiot for an hour, he finally realized the wrong engine was sent and was asking if i knew what one was compatable .... urmmmm, thats why im on here again asking for advice because atleast you guys know :)

So artscot79, your saying that the cmax and fiestas engines are no good?
shame, theres loads of them! :)

i really dont want to go down the road of repairing my old engine, it was cursed with bad luck and hadnt been playing fair for a while now thinking about it, i think new engine swappy will just do the trick (if i can bloody find one!) :D

cheers guys
the cmax and fiestas run various differences airbox locations throttle housings torque maps etc its far easier to swap like for like if u use the others youll need ecus coding etc etc they are the same engine but adapted for each application unfortunately sellers list them as focus fiesta cmax but they arent the same perseverance mate is the key they do turm up on ebay phoning the breakers is best so they call you when they get one in but as theyre second hand you have no idea if theyre any better so you would or i wdnuld change the belts tensioners and water pump plugs and oil
Depending on what is wrong with your engine, you may get away with a fiesta/c max engine if you can transfer all the wiring and external parts ( ie air box) from your current engine. That is just a thought as mechanically they are identical

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