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Full Version: Mk1 Ford Focus Boot Button Problem
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Hi All,

I'm new here and have just bought a very nice MK1 2001 for focus and love it to bits, just 1 problem that i would like to get sorted but am now at a bit of a dead end and was hoping someone could shed some light on the issue.

The button on the dash that unlocks the boot doesn't work. I have had the button out which is sound, i also checked the fuse which is also sound. If i press the button i can hear 2 little electronic clicks from under the dash but nothing from the boot.

Any idea's?

Thank in advance.
I would check the wiring in the rubber umbilical between the car and the boot lid.
I had this with my MK1 and the wires were snapped and soaking wet.
Over time the wiring insulation gets brittle and snaps the wires due to repeated flexing.
BTW does the boot still open with the remote key or just manually with the key in the lock?

Thanks for the reply, the car doesn't have remote locking but the boot does open fine with the key. As soon as its stop raining i'll check the wiring out.

Thanks and report back with my findings
To be honest i forgot about this thread but will give a little update on what i found. I took the swtich from the dash to check it out and all is well there, i then proceeded to the rubber grommit thing between the boot lid and car body. I found that the water hose for the rear window washer was split and everything was soaked. I have replaced the tube but still the boot won't open, is there an easy way to check the wiring from from the button the boot lock? either manually or with a multi-meter.

Is there possible anything else to check?


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