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Full Version: Replacing Clocks On My Focus Mk2 After Engine Mgmt Light - Quoted Big Price
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Hi all, new poster here so please bare with me.

I left my 2005 Ford Focus 1.4 petrol (mk2) in for a diagnostics check with Ford as the engine management light came on intermittently.

They traced the problem back to a "resister/wire fault in the clock cluster", saying the clocks needed to be replaced.

But they’ve quoted me a crazy price to get it fixed: (in euro as I'm in Ireland)

Diagnostics: €100, New Clocks: €476+VAT + Labour.

In total, I’ve been quoted around €730 to get this sorted.

Does this sound right?

Could I get clocks second hand and get my local mechanic to fix it?

Thanks all : )
call ford customer services its a fault and one thats becoming common alternatively ebay has clocks so you could buy 2nd hand i wouldnt pay that for a clear fault
Thanks for the reply.

So is it something I can get replaced if I buy a working used one from a scrapyard?

He also mentioned something about "programming it", does that mean only a Ford garage can do this?
[quote name='artscot79' timestamp='1348676968' post='208526']
call ford customer services its a fault and one thats becoming common alternatively ebay has clocks so you could buy 2nd hand i wouldnt pay that for a clear fault

Hi, no luck when I rang Ford Customer Service in Ireland. They said 2005 is out of their "goodwill timeframe" so won't offer any help.

I did find a set of used clocks from a company called RA Motors Ltd, based in Yorkshire which will deliver them, has anybody dealt with them?

And also, what happens with the mileage on the clocks I find, as it won't be the same as my old one? Thanks
they may need programmed which is a ford only thing as for the mileage some say it automatically adjusts some say you need to pay for digital mileage correction or keep a reciept of the mileage when the clocks were fitted in the log book
False their are plenty of reprogramming company on the Internet that can program them. Legit as well google them only costs about 80 to do. As its not illegal to alter them it's illegal to sell without notifying the buyer it's been done
Replacement clocks easy as loads on eBay, you will need someone to download the data from your broken clocks so that's your mileage and setup settings and then have them programmed into the replacement clocks.
You could use ELMConfig to download your HEC settings , install the new clocks and then Upload your Settings to the new clocks , If you new Clock has less mileage on than your car then you can also Use ELMConfig to Adjust the Mileage "UP" only and not down. So if your new clocks said 30,000 mile's and you car had done 40,000 miles you can adjust it , but not the other way around.

But! as i'm not sure , PATS will need reprograming won't it guys ?.
price sounds about right....i paid around £700-£800 for a new cluster from dealers.

if it is the mk2 focus, then yes the cluster will need programming, mileage on the odo can only go up, not down (as mentioned before) the cluster is also part of the immo circuit. so this may lead to new keys or reprogramming of keys. in the end after pricing this up you may aswell get the car booked in to dealers for a new cluster.

on another note, have you not looked for a local PCB (Printed Circuit Board) repairers....i think BBA Reman do this....could work out alot cheaper and easier.
Thanks all for the help.

Got sorted in the end. By going to a more competitive Ford dealer, who ordered me a used cluster and fitted and programmed it for a fraction of the price mentioned in the first post.

And it's exactly the mileage as it was before as I took photos before and after.

So it's working perfect again.

Thanks : )

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