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Ok so last week my little obd2 machine wouldn't tell me what was wrong with my focus, today it went on the RAC scanner, and came up with the following. DTC-P0380 Glow plug/heater circuit A.... Now looking on the tinterweb it seems it could be a number of things, so was just wondering if anyone knew the best / most likely place to start getting oily hands, thanks in advance, Mike.
this is one for the dealer to diagnose there machine will tell you if its the module or a pcm fault dont wait too long it may destroy the glow plugs if it hasnt already
Been doing some research on this 'obviously lol' and some have found that the glow plugs themselves have just packed up. Weather it be just one or all four. Tested mine last night and I can't get a reading from number 2, so I think my first port of call will be to replace these, as by all accounts ppl don't change these as often as they should anyway, thinking that if the car starts, they are 'ok'. Judging by the state of the fuel filter when I got the car, I very much doubt these have ever been replaced and its on 111k miles now. So can't hurt to try. Thanks for the reply.
Changed the glow plugs today it looks like it has done the job, we couldn't erase the code yesterday from the scanner, indicating the problem was still there, but it went today, and hasn't been back on as yet, will see what its like tomoz, fingers crossed !!!

One other small problem though, when the 'engine system fault' first came on, there was no dtc codes stored on the cars dash comp, but the display flashed up yesterday with 'REDUCED ACCELERATION' and now I have 1 DTC code stored. Is there any way to remove this code,,,, I think it was D900 ? Like I said, the warning light has now gone, car drives fine, just the external scanner would not remove the D900 code from the cars display if that makes any sense. Cheers, Mike.

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