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Full Version: Low Oil
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Hi all

Just checked the oil level in my focus and was showing on the minimum mark on the dipstick. I'm a bit annoyed as I've only had the car a week but know I'll have to put some oil in ASAP.

My question is would it be ok just to add oil as per the manual or do I need to do a change?

I wonder if this low oil could explain my poor mpg!
If its had a recent service and the correct oil has been used, you should be ok to just top it up. Doubt it will be the reason for poor mpg as they are designed to work between min and max on the dipstick without issue. If its not been serviced, I'd say give it one with new oil and filters, and this could improve your mpg figures.
Thanks for the reply.

The car was serviced just before I bought it so I am guessing the oil was changed at this time. I'll have a look in the manual for what I need.
likely they just didnt top it up properly i advise taking it back and have them do a check to make sure its not leaked out or a filter not put on properly
You might well be right! I'll take it there this week so they can check it out. Saves me a few quid by getting some oil!
Is it a 1.6 petrol mk1/1.5 by any chance?
It is a 1.6 petrol but not sure what mk1 is? It is a 2009 edition.
Well it rules out what I was thinking, hopefully it's just not been topped up correctly.

I believe yours is a mk2.5
[color=#0000ff][size=5][font=comic sans ms,cursive]Make sure you are checking the oil on level ground with a cold engine, checking it on a slope or just after a run can make a big difference on the dipstick.[/font][/size][/color]
Thanks for your replies.

I have arranged for the garage that did the service to top up the oil. I have also asked them to do a diagnostic check due to the poor mpg. I have noted the recent service was only an interim service and the last service before that was in May 2010. As the car has only done 6k miles in this time it's probably not a problem but may be worth checking the spark plugs and air filter.

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