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Hello guys/girls, I have a query regarding the stock stereo on the 2012 focus zetec s. Does anyone know how many watts the stereo is, I was reading online that it is 180watts but is that the stock stereo or after you add the Ford DAB nav system. I have been on the ford to many dealers regarding the issue before I purchase the car, so i know whether to spend the extra £750 for the DAB NAV system or not but none at ford seems to know. If no one knows how many watts the stereo is, can someone with a 2011/12 zetec s tell me how bassy the stock stereo is, as no showrooms in london seem to have one atm just zetec, titanium or titanium x. Thanks in advance
I have the standard Ford DAB stereo in my Zetec (which is the same as the standard one in the ZS) and honestly, it's perfectly adequate. No idea what the output is, but if you get the sound settings right there is the perfect amount of bass without making the speakers distort. I doubt adding the NAV system would increase the output - I'm pretty sure they are identical stereos, just with the addition of Navigation. If you want a slightly richer sound, plump for the Sony, but as I say, the stock one is actually pretty sweet.
[color=#0000ff][size=5][font=comic sans ms,cursive]It's not the number of watts that count, all the radios fitted are loud enough to hear over the road and engine noise, unless you have a very noisy car or want to damage your hearing, it,s the quality of the sound that is important and a lot of that is down to the speakers and not the radio. [/font][/size][/color] :o
Thanks very much for your replies guys, i find that very helpful indeed. I dont need the 355 watt SONY stereo as i think thats too much, even though my order will be a factory one they said that option doesnt come with the zetec s only the titanium or titanium x not only that i dont like the look of it tbh. i prefer the layour in the zetec/zetec s and only need a decent amount of bass.
[color=#0000ff][size=5][font=comic sans ms,cursive]If you want more bass, how about fitting a pair of B&W Pregnant Penguins in the boot, power handling 350 watts, guaranteed to make you deaf before you arrive at your destination. :D[/font][/size][/color]
lol no thanks, especially as i will need to get a pram and shopping in the boot. I am going to test drive the zetec s 180 ecoboost on friday as a dealer has finally got one in so ill get to test the stereo on friday before ordering which they say could take upto two months so i am looking at getting the car in december
Let us know how you get on - I have heard some fantastic stuff about the 180 Ecoboost. Be sure to give it a proper test drive ;)
[quote name='jimrex' timestamp='1349093617' post='209171']
Let us know how you get on - I have heard some fantastic stuff about the 180 Ecoboost. Be sure to give it a proper test drive ;)
And try to avoid any Pregnant Penguins.
Looool, I will be doing the test drive around potters bar area so hopefully the roads are clear so I can test out some acceleration etc :)
The two Stereo's Ford and Sony Sat nav or Standard will have similar output watts , it will be the speakers that will make the difference , i have seen only US versions with the Sub in the boot and i would imagine that has its own amp.
I have the Sony and it does what it says on the box , Bass ! well crank up the Bass and the speakers vibrate , so i think it your after bass then you may need a Sub.

As for the 180 ZS , i have a 150 TitX and you won't be dissappointed by the power , sweet engine and picks up really well , i have not even floored mine to see what it will do , but when the Turbo kicks in , it pulls really well.
Quick question on speakers, do you have to remove the door cards on a MK2 to get access to the speakers?
Just swapped the speakers on a Laguna for a work colleague and it was the easiest job ever due to removable speaker covers (just needed plug adaptors).
If it's as easy on my car i may contemplate it, but if it's a card off job then i think i'll pass as from experience i can never seem to get cards back on to my complete satisfaction.
[color=#0000ff][size=5][font=comic sans ms,cursive]I think you do, handles, trim and cover, it's worth it if you like your music loud with loads of bass. I did it in a Mondeo, pig of a job but much better sound. :o [/font][/size][/color]

[color=#0000ff][size=5][font=comic sans ms,cursive]As you can see from my pregnant penguins I like my music loud.[/font][/size][/color] :rolleyes:
Thanks for the input guys, I will test the stereo on friday anyhow so all shall be good i hope
My titx has the Sony systems as its really good I've not yet turned it up further than 10 coz that's load enough I usually settle on 5 for day to day driving, as for the 180 engine it's really good and pulls well, the only thing lacking is a bit more torque but then I was used to my old st3 with 268bhp and 430nm torque.
i bet u miss that 5 pot sound, personally the best sounding engine ive ever heard. i hear the 180 ecoboost sounds great and makes a great turbo sound.
I went for the test drive today, just deciding with my dad whether out right or finance is best.

I tested out the stereo omgggssshhhhh its more than enough.
Loz Cheung
haha, at least you're happy with the stereo mate.

i was quite disappointed with the stereo when i first picked mine up but the equaliser definitley makes a difference so it should be sufficient!

I am still looking into replacing the front speakers but as of yet need to research into the dimensions and (reluctantly) pulling bits of door trim off :rolleyes:
remove the door cards then drilka out lots of pop rivets that hold the speaker in then find a speaker that fits or cut the mount off the old one then glue it to the new speakers then either re rivet or get bolts welded in done a mates its a bloody mare and not worth the hassle
More than happy with the car fullstop, handles well, picks up speed quickly, steering and gear changes are great, such an easy car to drive, visability is good, love the sound of the car and when the turbo kicks in ahh man.

Also got to payy around with the new ST though I couldnt test drive it as it wasnt fit for the roads as it came in the evening before got to revv it though, sounds great absolutely love ford. well the mk2.5/3 focus, current mondeo, current c max, current s max and KUGA, the current fiesta is nice but more of a girls (no offence to anyone) car imo and too small for me. The focus just about works as i have very tall friends aswell.

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