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Full Version: Engine Systems Fault - But Car Drives Fine?
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Lit up on the dash is 'Engine Systems Fault', but since then i've driven the car 50+ miles at high and low speeds and the car drives just fine.

Looking through the dash and no error code logged, still at #00.

Any ideas of what it may be greatly appreciated, i'll be pluggin it in a scanner later tonight.
Hope you've got a decent scanner, my handheld one wouldn't identify and faults, the same as the onboard computer. Your fault could be 1 of a hundred things, and the only way to get an idea is to read the codes.
It's a scanner borrowed from a Ford main dealer, I guess i'll have to wait and see!
Should have no problems then :-) hope its something and nothing.
When was the car last serviced?
It could well be something as simple as a dirty fuel filter causing a slight loss in fuel pressure and tripping the sensor.
Could be an intermittent fault with a sensor. One could have sent out-of-range data, triggering a fault, but because there was no confirmation of the fault no code was stored. As far as I know any OBDII reader will have full access to stored codes, a Ford specific one won't give any more info, though I stand to be corrected.
Car was last properly services about 2 years ago... I've done a bit of googling and the fuel filter comes up quite a bit, so i'm thinking thats a possibility. Only bought the car in April from a dealer you see.
I would strongly recommend a major service.
Fuel filters clog up and reduce fuel pressure.
Had it a couple of months ago and threw up a fault warning, the filter was filthy.
It is recommended to have an oil change every 6000 miles to protect the turbo.
Ok, it's been plugged in, and a load of technical jargon came out about a box that sits above the fuel tank with a load of liquid in it that cleans the fuel. Anyway, this is empty, and it's affecting the turbo also (said it should be running at 320 but its at 250?).

Long and short though is no damage done and its being filled and force regenerated on saturday, for free :)
Ahh the old DPF, nasty things they are. Don't have that problem on the 1.8 tdci's :-)
Dpf that was it, partical filter jobby, wonder if i'll notice a difference in the turbo once its done?

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