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Full Version: Black Smoke
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Hi I'm looking for opinions and Info here..

I have a 2005 tdci mondeo 2.0 130bhp euro 4...

I have noticed that when pulling away this is a sign of what looks like black smoke from exhaust.. Also I noticed that if car is left at idle for approx ten mins or so when you then pull away the black smoke is more of a cloud.. The smoke seems to clear once you get up the rpm's
check the intercooler pipe for splits(its the large pipe on the bottom of the egr valve) also when was the egr valve itself last removed and cleaned ?
Uh oh MOT fail coming up.
Hi guys thanks for replys.. Intercooler hoses seem fine I checked them visually an also while holding a rev on the car the pipes all become firm with no signs of leaks..

But I seem to keep get the fault codes
P0401 and p0405 poppin up.. When clear car will drive a few miles without light then after sits turned of for approx ten mins and started again light appears..(engine light)..

I have since tried a new egr valve to no affect.. Any ideas what this is.. The black smoke seems to have calmed itself..

My train of thought is more why is these 2 codes re appearing...

P0405 says... Exhaust gas recirculation sensors A circuit low

P0401 says..exhaust gas recirculation flow insufficient detected...

Driving me mad... :-(
Did you replace the EGR sensor or check the wiring?
Yes replaced egr but no difference..I wouldn't know what values to be looking for at the egr 3 pin plug.. Would it be possible the maf sensor is faulty
Ok just tested sensor in both old n new egr valves both read 1.5 volts closed and 4.5 volts open..

Is there something I'm missing that's causing this fault... Really drivin me mad
hi iv just put an egr blank plate in and stopped all smoke ,, now getting better acceleration and better fuel economy
If u blank egr does this not leave engine check light on all the time on euro 4.?.

I had my vacum regulator go faulty which gives same effect as blanking egr and light stayed on

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