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Full Version: Focus Illuminated Gear Know???
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Hey guys I've come across these and I really like them I've found 2 pictures below which one do you guys like and how easy are these to install cheers.


Piece of pee to fit.
I'd assume by looking at them they are original Ford parts?
Easiest way to fit them on a Mk2 is to splice them into the feed wire that supplies power to the lighter socket light and earth to the socket ground wire.
The knobs will then illuminate with the side lights.
I'm actually contemplating that upgrade myself.
Been eyeing this one up-
the extra piggy back wire from the front 12v socket would it not plug into there or am i thinking too simple lol
On a Mk2 without the ashtray insert these is a Spare wire which is unconnected and designed to connect to an illumination ring if the ashtray is fitted which goes live with the side lights.
On a Mk 2.5 with the lighter socket on the centre console afaik there isn't an illumination wire (maybe hidden under the console but can't confirm or deny).
In that case you can take a longer wire over to the headlight switch and connect to wire 16 which is the side light live circuit.
The same can apply to the 2.5 with the keyless start button in the console instead of a lighter socket. (not sure if the socket in the arm rest tray is illuminated or not?)
Is it just me or do these seem quite expensive for what they are? I like the idea and want one for my car but it seems a bit pricey.
They aren't cheap but are very smart looking.
I know what I want in my stocking this Christmas but I don't think I've been a good enough boy. :D
i have looked at them a few times but it is pricey maybe if the price comes down a bit

i see i thought that plug was there to fit items like these on the back of the 12v socket
It would be better to run one off a lighting connection rather than the 12v feed as that's permanent live.
If you take off the handbrake surround ( 2 torx screws under the armrest ) and then the console around the gearstick ( 1 torx screw under the mat in the cup holder ) there is actually a wire already there for illuminated gear sticks as ford sell them. Litterealy just plug and play ( max about 5 - 10 min job )
Second one for me.

They are pricey for what you're getting (surprised with the ingenuity on this site nobody has come up with a DIY version of this but maybe there's some food for thought!) but a guy on another Focus forum was selling them through the bay for half price a while back. Dead easy to fit too, as mentioned above.
i cant justify 90quid on a gear knob at the moment ill never notice it anyway if im honest ill carry on with my interior l.e.ds first as i want to put one in the roof lining like the submarine lights but without the cost
For the proper ford fitment.. rather than the DIY approach of cutting and joining wires. (Only for December 2008 onwards cars)

There was, (but not widely known) a bit of loom these illuminated knobs connect into.

ENG P/N: 8M5J-14F011-AA
Floor Jumper Loom
From: 15-12-2008 Manual Transmission, Rpd-Spc Illuminated Gear/Shift Knob

No Idea where it plugs into, but other variants of this same loom are for things like adjustable foot pedals so its there somewhere lol, plugs into same connector :) so theres a connector for it there somewhere because from what I was able to see before all looms support adjustable pedals, probably a hiden connector somewhere taped up to the loom.

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