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Full Version: HELP!!!!! CLUTCH
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HI folks,

I am tearing my hair out with this one. I have put in a new clutch and concentric valve cylinder in my 55 plate ford ka Also brand new clutch cylinder behind clutch pedal. I even bought a brand new clutch pipe from gearbox to cylinder from ford. Absolutely everything has been changed on this system.

The dilemma is bleeding the clutch. I get clutch pressure after bleeding but as soon as the car moves I loose it. EVERYTIME! I have pressure bled litres of clutch fluid through this system each time I get air out no problem. I I have manual bled it and each time I get air out. But then I loose the clutch pressure as soon as I move off.

I have asked the local garage...they said that I have done everything they would have done.

I have asked ford...they say I have changed everything out they would have recomended.

The both say it should bleed....YOU DONY SAY!!!

Any help would really be appreciated on this one


hate to be bearer of bad news but could one of the new parts be deffective.just because there new dont mean they work. thats the risk with changing a whole system you lose any point of refrence to what could be wrong. sorry this doesnt help good luck mate.
Hendrix has a point.

Have you tried reverse bleeding? Pump the fluid up the bleed nipple instead of bleeding it out of it.

Also are you sure you put the new clutch in the right way? ;)
Hi guys,

Thanks for the input. I would hate to think that the concentric was faulty. The clutch was fitted exactly the way the old one came out. And bseides f it wasnt, I would not get a clutch at all, which is the annoying part. I get a clutch and keep the clutch pressure if i dont move the car. I mean i could bleed it and it would maintain pressure for as long as the car is sitting idle. It only goes when i move the car....strange or what???



P.S might change it all for a manual clutch.
Am afraid you've got me stumped on that one :blink: Lol. Not came across that before...

Does it get a bite?
Yep. IT gets a good bite. There is plenty of resistence and then i select first gear and drive off and then I loose pressure.

IS it me ... or is this friggin thing possessed.


Strange... Lol

A would try reverse bleeding it see if that helps, you never no. Apart from that am out of ideas the now :(

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