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Full Version: A/c 59 Plate Focus Mk2.5
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I have had my focus for just over one month. Bought it from local dealer, not too impressed with A/C. It does not seem to get that cold. Is this just a ford thing? I had a Vauxhal before (2003), for its age, the AC was fantastic and it had never been re-gassed.

Is there any way I can test if it is underperforming?

Secondly,if I put my air flow selector to floor and front facing, it whistles when put to any speed between 2 and 4. Have any other users experienced this? I am tempted to visit my dealer and ask them to take a look. I did purchase the platinum warranty for 3 years, so I am hoping these sorts of issues will all be covered.

Any experiences or help would be great :)
it may not seem that cold but put aircon on max cold set the vents to face and close all but one put the fan on speed 4 give it 2-3minutes and stick youre face close to the vent it will be ice cold and take the breath away from you also some have vss pumps like mine that will run below 5 degrees however it regulates the gas so the pipes dont freeze so it wont be super cold only cold enough to keep the pipes from freezing
The question, how cold is it?

Ask the wife, she could be freezing, where as me, I could be taking a layer of clothing off. What I'm saying is, it can be a subjective question. You can either go back to the garage and tell them your not altogether happy with the temperatures its achieving, and that you would like them to check the AC coolant system is at the optimum pressure levels. That is what I would do, hell they have just sold you a car, and also pocketed the commission on selling you a three year warranty.

There again if your the kind of person that perceives, such a request could be construed as being "confrontational" and would rather avoid going down that route. Then check you cars AC performance against the same model maybe a relation.friend of work colleague may own. Failing that go to a garage and look like you could be interested in a like for like model, and ask for a test drive. That way you can do a like for like test in the same ambient conditions.
to be honest with all 4 front vents open it doesnt feel that cold from the driving seat it should be 5degrees and probably is trust me stick youre face there and it will take youre breath away kwik fit will check it free doing the same thing 1 face vent open the rest closed fan at max temp at max cold
It also sounds like your pollen filter needs changing. A blocked filter would cause the whisling you are getting in the system. Your aircon may just need a top up.
Thanks for your posts.
I took the car in on Monday and left it with them as I don't need it until Wednesday.
Not sure exactly what the parts were, but they said for the whistling sound, they have had to replace a fan, pipe and filter (most likely the pollen filter @btmaldon was reffering to).
Won't be costing me anything as it is all under warranty.
They have not tested for the A/C, I decided not to ask them to look at this. I will wait until Summer when I actually need it, and see how it goes.
I just don't want it going wrong as it can be extreemly expensive to repair and probabily not covered under warranty. I bought the car specifically to use the A/C as I suffer alot in the hot weather. But by the sounds of it, its either me just not used to the car or that it may need regassing. Thankfully no sign of it being a compressor fault :) Thanks for all of your posts :)
[color=#0000ff][size=5][font=comic sans ms,cursive]I have the same 2009 Focus as you, when i first got the car I returned it to the garage as I also felt that the aircon was not up to scratch, it was checked over and the gas topped up, but I still felt it was not cold enough, it's probably a Ford thing that the air from the vent doesn't feel that cold when all the vents are open as Arthur said, but this summer I never had to run the aircon flat out all the time, I could adjust it to just on the cold setting once the cabin temperature had reached a comfortable level. [/font][/size][/color]

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