Hi guys

I have a little problem with the keys on my beloved Mondeo, I was supplied with 2 keys when I bought the car awhile back but was told that the flip key needed to be coded to the car as it was a new unit but they didnt have time to get it to the ford stealer before I wanted collection. This I accepted as the key operated the central locking so though Id pop it into my local dealer when I had the chance, It has taken me ages due to family issues to get it coded to the car by a local company that has done key coding for me in the past. After 3 attempts with 2 different updates the car simply wont accept the in and out codes for them to program the key???? the guy tried the key on a different Mondeo which it accepted fine so the key's working, the bloke said it must be the calculator within the security ecu at fault and I will need a new security ecu before I can get anything done to the car that required coding. :angry:

Right essay over my questions are:

Is this correct information about the ECU Calculator and has anybody else heard of this breaking?
If this is at fault is there not a catch 22 situation in play here as the I would have thought the ECU would need coding to the car.

Do I need to get a brand new one from the stealers or can I get one from a damaged scrap car and get it fitted

thankyou for taking the time to read this rambling essay and I thankyou in advance for any info you can give me prior to me loosing a fist full of cash to get this repaired.